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Cordyceps and COPD or Magic Mushrooms and the Breathless Wonder


I've been researching Cordyceps, a type of mushroom found in Tibet, and its effect on COPD.

The good news is that a study found it worked on mice with COPD ....

The bad news is I can find no clinical trials on humans other than a small trial in China.

There's more good news, the recommended dosage of 3 to 6 mg has no known side effects other than it inhibits the effectiveness of prednisone ( basically you can't take it in conjunction with steroids).

I've just opened the carton and taken my first one. I'll keep you updated on how well it works. Or doesn't.

Is anyone else taking it?

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Just so people know what it is:

Sounds interesting & safe to try.

Let us know. Thanks.

I will look forward to your updates. :)

I will be interested in your progress.

Hey this sounds interesting keep us informed on your research.


Yes, please let us know how you get on.


Hi there and sorry to say ,but you are in effect our Guinea Pig,testing and reporting any results etc. I'm of course very curious about herbal remedies and I also presume you did some thorough research beforehand? Well,let's hope you are able to report that it can be of benefit to certain conditions(I recall you have COPD also). Looking out for your "reports & reservations" .

Kind regards.

I have also experimented with cordyceps mushroom powder in my coffee!!! I have ABPA with bronchiectasis and severe asthma and it does seem to help a little, though not as much during acute exacerbations! Let us know how you feel with it! The few studies on it do look promising!

Where did you buy it from if you don’t mind me asking. 😋

Wageslave in reply to oooodicky

I bought it from Amazon (my go to place for just about everything TBH). There was a rather bewildering amount ranging from powder to capsules and priced from cheapish to expensive. I plonked for a vegan brand, 50mg capsules. I think I paid about £14 for 100 capsules

interesting thank you xxx

Hi Wageslave. I've got everything crossed for you..

After further research (OK reading a lot of stuff on the net) I've upped my dosage to 1000mg. Since Cordyceps is used in China as a foodstuff and any research with herbal treatments is a 1000mg minimum, it seemed sensible. I doubt it will do me any harm but at the first signs of side effects I'll cut back to 500mg.

I'm taking it in two seperate doses for no better reason than than studies show that gives the best results with NAC.

It's early days and starting the supplement may well have coincided with my "better days" when my ventolin usage falls. I get better days every couple of weeks or so . They usually last two or three days at a time. The weather is a bit better so that might be helping too. I am trying very hard to be objective.

Whatever the reason, my breathing has improved dramatically. It's too early to tell whether it's down to the Cordyceps or if I'm just going through a really good patch.

Wageslave, after having read your original post I ordered some Cordyceps tablets, which I have been taking for more than two months now. I haven't noticed any negative side effects, but I do seem to have more energy - I have not been falling asleep as soon as I sit down. I stopped using Ventolin mostly before I started the Cordyceps as it seems to do little for me, so I don't really have anything to really measure any lung improvement, but my oxygen levels seem to be better. However, this might just be due to the summer weather, so I will continue into next winter...... How are you getting on?

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