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Dysponea : Chronic?

Good day,

I have been recently diagnosed with asthma after 4 visits to the hospital from 9 feb 2018 with lung problems and worsening dyspnea. My dyspnea started out were i could walk about 5-6steps then i had to stop. It worsened to now where i can walk 1 step,stop catch a breath and then walk my next step. If i carry any weight it increases to where i have to take multiple breaths after each step. I have to sleep on 3 cushions. If i lay flat on my back i cannot draw any breath. Is this normal? The dyspnea is also persistent as i has only let up twice in the whole time from 9feb. Once for a whole day and the next time for only 30min. I am on fioxaire 50/250 accuhaler and sintrine 5. Nothing seems to even scratch the surface of my dyspnea. Thank you for your time

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Hi ThomasO, did your chronic shortage of breath start after a chest infection or out of the blue? No issues that could have caused stress in your life and upset your breathing pattern? Anything that could have damaged your lungs?

I was wondering what the trigger allergies?

Have you been tested for allergies, or a blood test to see if you have an infection, or an X-ray or ct scan to see what's happening?

If not , please ask for more tests.

Have you been tried on different medications or inhalers......I know I have problems with some medications , my breathing gets worse......yet other people thrive on the same inhalers? Have you been given a tapering off course of prednisolone to see if that helps at first just so that you can gain a bit of control and reassurance?

When you are catching your breath between steps do you have to take big breaths through your mouth.....can you try and take a gentle and as relaxed as you can breath through your nose to warm and filter the air and to avoid hyperventilating.

Anxiety can affect breathing patterns too, but your health professionals need to get to the bottom of your breathlessness . I have asthma /COPD and find gentle breathing exercises helpful...but you need help now. Have you tried the pursed lip breathing technique.....take a very gentle breath in through your nose, then gently breathe out through your mouth with pursed lips for a slightly longer time than you breathed in.....repeat a few times, then go back to gentle relaxed belly breathing, not tight upper chest if you can.

It's the Easter weekend here, but please make a doctors appointment after the holiday, or ring 111 or go to A and E if it gets worse.

If you live in the UK, the BLF have a helpline that is open during the working week. 03000 030 555. Asthma UK have a helpline too.

Thinking of you and sending you best wishes.


Hello. Thanks for the reply.

The dysponea started after having a light cough for about 2months. I get these cough attacks were i cant stop coughing. It started after that. Doctor said the asthma is caused by an virus. I have allergies of house mites, dettol and morphine. I am doubtful that i gave anxiety at the moment. I am at home because i have nbia and cannot work. I stand up about once a week at roundabout 2:30 at night. I am then very short of breath. I also use artravent, symbicord 160 and venteeze. Every four hour i use a inhaler. Nothing seems to help. Thank you for the reply.

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Hi. Knitter has given you a very thorough reply. I was only going to add that I can never sleep flat - I think that is common for people it’s breathing problems. All the best.


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