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Dying From ASBESTOS And Having TO Prove IT


Given internet age ONE question comes to mind HOW can switzerland 🇨🇭 with a population of 9 million nearly have same number of asbestos related deaths as UK 🇬🇧 with a population of 55 / 62 million.

Clearly something not adding up and there must be lot of asbestos mesothelioma under reporting going on within 🇬🇧

So I took a look at gold standard when it comes to any ASBESTOS diease illness condition AND is gold standard well in my opinion with lots coverd SUCH as looking for asbestos bodies in tumour cancer formation.

Like really I never knew that’s one of the ways you DX mesothelioma.

Helskiki Asbestos Asbestosis Mesothelioma Lung Cancer Diagnosing Criteria


So then I looked into sharlaton’s THESE doctors given my own experiences with Alzheimer’s Dementia and Asbestos Mesothelioma diagnosing AND given material have read you would have to be occupation mentally savvy IF you did not want your asbestos related mesothelioma being put down to lung cancer from smoking or something else apart from ASBESTOS.

I can feel a FOI request coming on re lung cancer biopsy and asbestos bodies found ?

Guess Christie’s NHS would love that.

So we have chronic inflammation then tumour formation round ASBESTOS fibres ... so question is levals Of exposure can’t have anything to do with cancer or mesothelioma IT must be 101% cariogenic.

I think medical intelligence is spot on BUT medical reporting WELL people are being fed a lie when it comes to there lung cancers being result of something OTHER than asbestos mesothelioma.

Mis reporting issues I think are far wide in 🇬🇧 ALSO those like my dad with deficits in memory I.e Alzheimer’s Dementia are scape goats 🐐 make lt possable.

But there is one way OF getting to the truth AND that’s asking you oncologist when they did my biopsy did you see any asbestos bodies.

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Good luck JAS, keep fighting. Wishing you well. Xxxx

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Yes Jeff, the onus is on the patient or complainant to supply evidence that there is any sort of negligence (or even an intention) in making a link between asbestos and cancer by the clinician as referrer. Given the David and Goliath scenario where the odds are stacked heavily in favour of the asbestos industry and insurance bodies not to give credence to the link, no wonder that NHS quality standards are honoured in the breach rather than through a thorough application by physicians. So industrial injuries tribunals may also exhibit this bias by their very strict guidelines about what constitutes failure to report evidence of asbestosis and employers' liability.

I am not a conspiracy theorist. I thought that worth saying...


Hi i know i go on a tad about stufff but injustice really rattles my cage.

Have been lucky really as talked to few nice people and your quite right they tend to be in shadows of bias and institutions.

This lot more to this asbestos than meets the eye tho with how numbers suffers are recorded.

I know woth my dad DOCTOS said lung cancer for reason in my picture.

Sure doctor could say as was this size shape come under lung cancer classfication BUT thats him skirting law covering is back MORE than doing whats right.

This name for plaure cancer step befour meso and thats what my dads cancer should been classed as.

So who is set to benerfit SURE not my dad BUT becouse he cant rember WeLL its ok to be treated or not treated.

Yet its me who as problem THIS few research other orginisations need to take long hard look at them self in my opinon

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Morning, Terry. I'm not a conspiracy theorist either, but I've been wondering for a while now about the explosion in dementia- like illness in the elderly. Is it coincidence that these people were born around the end of the War, so they would've been brought up with rationing, then in the Seventies they would've been eating all the crap that was eventually banned due to B.S.E. I also find strange that when I was a kid some old people went " senile ". Nowadays they suffer with Alzheimer's, dementia, Creuzfeld- Jakob's etc. I think could be a way of lowering the stats for B.S.E., which, incidentally, you don't seem to hear much about anymore. What does anybody think ?

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The main reason that we don't hear so much about B.S.E. now is that there is more rigorous testing of livestock and more importantly, tighter regulations on animal feedstuffs. There is proven link between vCJD and B.S.E. but to be honest, I am more interested in the dramatic rise in neurological/ auto-immune disorders e.g. MND and MS. and of course, the astronomical number of people with COPD.

My theory is that the causes of all of these conditions are linked, if not one and the same and the only common factor that I can find at the moment is water supply. So many chemicals are added to drinking water that it is scary.

For the last 25+ years, I have been unable to drink the tap water in any of my many house due to the strong smell of chlorine and I saw with my own eyes the devastating and fatal results of using that tap water in the feeding of young animals. If it has that effect on animals, who knows what it is doing to people over the longer term?

I know people who used to work for the water board and they were horrified at the amount of chemicals which are used currently.

However, even if someone eventually proves that these chemicals have been harming the population, there is no way that it will be admitted by the authorities. It might cost them money..........

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Hi, greatauntali, and thanks for replying. Yes, I'm aware of the stock- testing and the regs. regarding cake but the point I was trying ( not very well, admittedly,) to make was that the demographic I mentioned will have eaten that rubbish for years and years, giving ample time for the disease to incubate and develop. This is the only population that is in that position and I'm wondering whether it's a " chickens home to roost " sort of scenario for those poor people. Regarding your concerns about the water supply, well, I've often wondered about that too. Water is essential to all life, obviously. It can't, to the best of my knowledge, be taken/ absorbed/ utilised in any other form than H20. So, why then willingly adulterate it with something as toxic as chlorination and fluoridation, to name but two. Surely, in this day and age, there are better alternatives. I'm afraid that you've hit the nail on the head and that yet again, everything mentioned above, boils down to money and pure greed. Take care.

Hi sassy had horrendus time really i was at hospital having organs checked MY gp thought i had gall bladder problems appendices THEN when i come home had to take dad over celulites and he's legs like running tap.

Thats story for other day tho BUT apart from that am feeling refreshed after my hospital jollies

You take care. Xxxx

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Stay strong, mate.


In 1985, Eternit-Switzerland owned by Stephan Schmidheiny was the worlds second largest seller of Asbestos.

The health issues where more likely related to mining activities.

Was talking to asbestos solicitor and was telling me about entermit & turners.

Can tell ya stone just like back then things stunk with corruption I don’t think things have changed any now.

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