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Pet comfort

A fellow wanted a pet. A bird of some sort. Off he went to the pet shop to find one. He didn't want a parrot. Too squawky, nor a budgie for the same reason. As for a canary...always singing. The pet shop owner said he had the very thing for him. A truly amazing bird. It was flightless, loyal, didn't eat much and was mute until the day it died when it would speak. It was called a Rairye bird. The fellow was quite impressed and said he would have it,

Things went very well for a few years until he realised that the pet shop owner had missed telling him the bird grew VERY large and was becoming a major nuisance. He started to think of ways to get rid of the bird and came up with the idea that as it was flightless he would tip it over a cliff. Beachy Head seemed a likely spot so off they went.

The bird looked over the edge and said.......It's a long way to tip a rairye.

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