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Bronchiestasis - and blood


Hi everybody,

I have had six/seven incidents so far of bringing up small amounts of blood in my sputum, the latest being today. I have been diagnosed with mild bronchiestasis.

Is this blood normal for mild bronchiestasis?

Does it means that it will get worse as the disease progresses? Does anyone have any experience of this happening. If so how often and is there some explanation? I have had a CT scan to do with lung nodules and this being the case my GP doesnt seem too worried. Please note, the blood is NOT the result of coughing. As I have not been coughing.

Can anyone give me their experiences and advice.

Kind regards

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Some times WHEN you cough up sputom YOU suck your gums and that can cause you to spit up blood.

Guess it’s eaxy to find out if it’s that IF when you brush your teeth your gums bleed now and again.

Streaks of blood in sputum are usually the result of breaking little blood vessels in your throat when coughing. If it is more than this or happening regularly I would suggest you see your GP for reassurance/treatment.

Hi, my consultant told me that small amounts of blood could be caused by fragile capillaries rupturing in the lungs. Sometimes this can happen frequently over a short period and then stops and becomes just occasional. Although disconcerting, it isn’t anything to worry about. You can tell if it’s actually coming from the lungs if it is mixed in with the sputum.

Thanks Kerrieblue. Like your reply. Please see reply to Claudine.

Yes, streaky bits or occasional dollops of blood seem to go with the territory BUT I can't understand why you say you are not coughing. Coughing is the only way to get up the mucus which, if left to build up, could well result in pseudomonas. If this colonises then it may well need regular antibiotics. It is a fungus and may need a bronchoscopy to diagnose. You may well need to see a specialist. Don't be alarmed - if it's mild then you want to keep it that way!

Thanks Claudine and for my other kind and thoughtful replies.

I didnt want to complicate things by explaining that I am a laryngectome (from cancer of the larynx) which means I breath through a hole (stoma) in my throat so I can actually see what is coming up from my lungs as the stoma has to be cleaned and cleared. I assume because of my bronchiestastis is why I have to clear "the gunge" several times a day, especialy after meals.There is no need to "clear my throat" ( via coughing) as the sputum cant go above the stoma. The small amounts of blood are just there and seem to be coming up with the sputum.

Also being a laryngectomee means I have lost the 10cms of humidifying piping from nose and mouth into my lungs and the air I breath is not warmed up by the time it reaches the lungs. This makes cold weather even worse for me (scarves etc dont solve the problem) - and its been a long winter! Together with my other medical issues, high pitched tinnitus and pulsatile tinnitus , prostate, wet macular degenaration, chronic acid reflux - I guess I am in for a rough ride. Oh, and I live in one of the most polluted areas!

Ironically, I look as fit as a fiddle! But I have stopped trying to explain why I cant do this, cant do that, go to meetings etc. I have thought about trying to end it all but with five young grandchildren I cant leave that as a legacy.

So will battle on, for the time being at least. And learn as much as I can about coping with bronchiestasis.

Thanks again everyone who replied. I do hope the above is not too much information, so to speak!

Yes, you are definitely a special case! Hope we haven't complicated things for you and hope you are under a good Consultant. We all have restrictions on our lives (i.e. children are little bug factories for a start!) but you have more than most of us. Good luck.

Hi, I was wondering if you are not coughing but get sputum in your mouth, is it dripping down from the back of your nose into your you have a cold? Sometimes I get streaks of blood from my nasal passages .

But do go back to your health practioner for assessment and advice ....they are the experts.

There is a brilliant booklet about Bronchiectasis on the BLF website.

It seems that even without coughing it's common to bring up blood . Not a lit but hints of it . For myself I often have traces of it daily and the taste of it as well. I have been told nothing to worry about

Thanks for that. Its a bit of good news in what could become for me a totally debilitating disease as its also a case of getting my head round my condition. Trying to be positive is not one of my strong points when it comes to medical issues. My consultant seems reluctant to explain my condition to me or give me any encouragement. I have been given more information on this site in a week than the professionals have given me in six years.

Big thank you.

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