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Bronchiestasis/ Carbocisteine

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many thanks to everyone who answered my query,

Sorry for not replying individually but feeling really poorly with Covid 🙈🤗

19 Replies
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Hoping you feel better soon Samye. Xx💜❤️

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Hope u soon feel better x

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Samye in reply to Patk1

Ah thank you, at moment I am just feeling too poorly with covid to argue with DrThey have sent my Carbocisteine and it says take only 1 three times a day, but I am going to continue with 6 daily at moment as I feel so I’ll.

Take care 🤗

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Patk1 in reply to Samye

I vary between doses depending on how easy,or not,that it is to get up

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Shrimpy-13-22-25 in reply to Samye

So sorry to hear that you have Covid, it’s certainly on the increase. I hope you get over it soon. I’ve looked on the NHS website for you and the recommended dose of carbocisteine 375mg is 2 x 3 daily, dropping down to 1 x 4 daily when feeling better. Perhaps next time you order ask him to check nhs dosage for your current state of health. Is there another dr or asthma/respiratory nurse that can help? Get well soon

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I hope you'll soon be feeling better. xxx

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Samye in reply to Alberta56

Thank you Alberta56 🤗

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Check the Carbo leaflet, you could try 2 AM, 2 PM and just one in the middle. You wouldn't run out quite so fast. Anyway, I hope you're on the road to recovery very soon. P

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Hope you feel much better really soon! x

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Samye in reply to madonbrew

Ah thank you, I’m struggling at moment 🤗

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Hope you feel better soon. Do as you see fit.. You know your own body best. Take care! X

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Having been there myself I hope that you start to improve soon.Rest ,fluids, light diet of what you fancy ,do what Docs advise ,and listen to your body.

It will take time but you will start to feel better.x

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Sorry to hear you have covid Samye, rest up and take things easy, plenty of liquids and do what you think is right re the tabs. Take good care x

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Bless you. Hope you start to recover really soon. Sending 🤗 x

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Samye , I am sorry that you feel so poorly. Make sure that you have plenty to drink. I have no experience with these drugs but others have so I hope that helps. Take care and lots of love.


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Good afternoon sassy I hope you feel better soon with catching covid I had it last year and I was ill with my I have bronchiectasis and I am on carbocisteine 375mg 3 times aday. But when I had covid all I wanted to drink water and get some rest and hope you feel better soon. Keep us updated please xx take care

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Hope you're starting to feel better now xx

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Samye in reply to Ergendl

Many thanks Ergendl for your good wishes, but unfortunately I am still feeling unwell and still testing positive.

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Ergendl in reply to Samye

So sorry to hear that. Keep taking things one day at a time, as even this will pass xx

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