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Progression stage 2 emphysema


I have recently been diagnosed with stage 2 emphysema with a 55% FEV1. I am a 35 year old male and at the moment I don't really feel the affects of it, other than getting slightly breathless when walking up 4 flights of stairs!

What I would like to know is, is there any research about the pace of the progression and how fast you decline? I know everyone is different but would like to know how fast it has affected people on this forum.

Basically I want to know how long it is going to be before I am struggling to walk for 5 minutes without needing to catch my breath.



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Have you had a second spirometry as I recall you mentioning in other posts your FEV1% is 60 and here you mention it is 55?

I read a post the other day where a person mentioned he/she is now 80 and has had COPD for 40 years. If I find the post I will post the link as I can't recall if he/she mentioned what stage they were at when diagnosed.

Here is the post I was referring to. Scroll down to see the post by garibaldon


And here is another post by the same person.



Thanks Jack. Awaiting my full lung function test still which takes place on 13th Feb.

I say I'm 55% FEV1 as I bought a home spirometry device which I am currently blowing a 55% FEV1 reading.

I was having a bad day when I wrote this post, mentally and was hoping for a miracle answer which I know nobody can give me.


Do you use it several times throughout the day and if so is it the same results/readings each time? I have one as well and I can do 10 throughout the day and can be 45% and later in the day be above 60% or anywhere in between so I would be cautious about relying to much on a home spirometer.


Yes, mornings I seem to get lower. 52%ish. I can get max 56% in the afternoons and/or evenings. I have a sore throat and cold at the moment so that's probably making the reading lower too.

That's a big range you have there. Why does it range so much for you?


I have no idea why the range is that large but do know the doctor I see said it can range throughout the day but did not by how much. I also don't think the home ones are near as accurate as the ones the doctors use. Also I doubt any doctor has ever done a spirometry several times throughout the day on the same patient so they likely have no idea how wide of a range the average person has.

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