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Swollen Feet

My feet are swollen, my left more so than my right, very hot & itchy, I feel like scratching them to relieve the itch. I have COPD & am quite breathless but wondering if the swelling of my feet is perhaps due to Heart trouble. Getting an appointment with my Dr is like asking for gold dust. Just wondering if any others have advice on the swollen Feet. Thank you all.

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Some medications can cause swollen feet/ankles and also make you itchy. Defo one for the dr to see to I think. Be persistent, is there not an open access slot you can go to? Or emergency appointments? If not how about an urgent care centre nearby?


Keep your feet elevated when at rest to help it go down . A lot of people with copd have it but to be rest assured seek advice from GP or practise nurse xx


If you are retaining fluid in your feet you need to see your doctor.

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