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I really admire the people on this forum

Since joining the forum I have had the opportunity to read a lot of the posts and replies. This has given me a major insight into the problems and difficulties that you all face. I wonder how I would/will cope as things progress. I hope I can be as strong and resilient as you.

I also realize how fortunate I am. This may seem strange since I have COPD and recently had a Major exacerbation. But.... Living in the Middle East I have ready access to my pulmonary doctor and can see her within two hours if I need to, I have medical insurance from the company which pays the majority of the costs as most of the hospitals are private (there are some Government Hospitals that are very good but busy and stretched). If I want an x-ray or CT scan I just have to ask and I get it within a day or two. All my results are made available to me within 24 hours. Medication is not an issue as they tend to prescribe the most appropriate regardless of cost.

I follow the UK news and understand the problems that the NHS is under as one of my step daughters is a nurse and my wife has issues with arthritis (has had knee replacement and probably need a hip doing too). The waiting time for tings in the UK are long and I really do not know how you guys manage to maintain your cool and your bright outlook.

You have my deepest respect


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Hi Glad your in receipt of good care THATs half battle really.

I know lot of people suffer from deficiency of some sort I.e b12 or vitamin D

Did read can make you quite anemic withdrawn.

I think lots of us are slow cookers WAITING to blow our tops.

Even BLF is frustratated with care those with lung conditions recive

Myself my lung care is more palative than proactive.

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Given the 360 days of sun a year out I have plenty of opportunity for Vitamin D :)

I do however take Vitamin B12 supplement - I read somewhere that ridged toe nails amongst other things are sign of this, although the ridges could be a sign of old age as well:)


With age if its not one thing it’s usally ten of other ... :)


Hi Andrew it's so nice to hear the great care you are receiving, at the moment I myself have no issues with the NHS but whose to say that won't change. It's so nice to hear from you and I am sure you will cope just great. You seem to have a positive attitude which is a great help. Please keep posting, love Bernadette 😳 xxx


It's lovely to hear that you're getting such great care, and you definitely have the advantage when it comes to vitamin D. 😁🌞

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Well that's nice of you 👍 ! if you have any queries you can just put a couple of words in the search bar & lots of old but interesting posts & replies come up. I don't have copd, was quite lung poorly for a few years and I can state, hand on heart, that this forum has saved me. I've learnt so much from some special, knowledgable members - actually met 7.

Just want to add that - from what I've learnt from others - that you can slow down the progression if you make the necessary changes to your life. They say 'you control your copd, it doesn't control you'. One lady called Lynn got herself from severe to moderate & others have gone from moderate to mild.

It's great that you've got good medical care over there. Don't forget, the sun rays can only convert to Vit D through much exposed skin. Hats, 😎sunnies & sun cream prevent them getting through . P

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:) never wear a hat, never use sun screen - Oh that reminds me need t see the skin doctor about these moles on my back and arms:) :)


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