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Happy new year to you all

Hi everyone and happy new year. A question really. Have been not so good for a few days or so (apart from the birth of our second grand daughter 2 days ago, fantastic). Tried to get an appointment at docs but they had none so today very reluctantly phoned 111 explained how I was feeling, they wanted to send an ambulance straight away and I refused as they, and the hospitals, are so busy. Anyway, got an appointment at our what used to be walk in which I prefered. So im now back on the anti Bs and steroids, I have asthma and copd, have been really struggling breathing, inhalers not doing a lot. Now for the question as I havent been told much about copd. The blood oxy level was believe it or not 99 whilst at rest. When asked to breath deeply it went down to 95 then a bit lower. Any ideas why would be appreciated (just out of interest). Also, are chest infections contagious? Thank you all so much. My new grand daughter is gorgeous and my eldest grand daughter (1 year old) is amazing with her and I love them both so much

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Your oxagen levels stay up as you over breath its your bodys way of compensateing not every one dose this but quite a few of us do. And yes chest infections can be contagious i hope you are feeling well soon. And congratulations on being a grandmother again


Thankyou. Grandfather again lol and thankyou


Congratulations! I wouldn't risk going near the baby just now. :)


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