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Vitamins with COPD/Asthma and Kidney Disease

Hi all, I'm new to here, a little nervous but hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year. My new year has been spent in hospital with exacerbation of my COPD/Asthma. what's been on my mind after being discharged from hospital, is what are the best vitamins for my immune deficiency, I'm diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease since 2007.

Guess this would also help me get to know my way around here and more familiar. Thanks

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Welcome, and sorry you had to spend New Year in hospital. As one who also has multiple health problems I think you would be better asking your doctor about supplements. Mine prescribed vitamin D and folic acid, and recommended Osteocare liquid and CQ-10, as well as a multivitamin, but we all have different needs. All the best xxx


Thank you, great confirmation that's made me feel better knowing the help i can get woth what i need. Hope all is well with you


I hope your gp is helpful. I have seen all the gps in our practice and she was only one who suggested it, so, since forewarned is forearmed it is probably worth bringing up the subject yourself. Good luck x

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