Can anyone answer this please

What is a consticted lung condition and why would low peak flow be untreatable?? Thanks

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Lung conditions are normally either Obstructive or Restrictive. Usually incurable but can be managed.

Peak flow like Spirometer is a measure of the severity.

Further reading.

Thank you very much for your help makes it a bit clearer thanks

My condition, Obliterative Bronchiolitis, is sometimes called Constrictive Bronchiolitis. This is a condition of the small airways, ii’s rare, and difficult to diagnose. That probably doesn’t help you at all! It is also an Obstructive lung disease which confuses things even more as obstructive lung diseases are almost invariably COPD.

Ask for more clarification from your doctors.

Thank you and will do. I am diagnosed with angina and asthma,my Peak flow has been 200 for the past couple of years sometimes dropping below on bad days,doctor has changed my inhaler it's now at 300,I asked if it could be got higher GP says he doubts it as it's constricted however I use to have bronchitis as a child,and numerous doctors say that they think I have COPD no definite answers though. Had spirometry and the coughing fit it causes gives inaccurate readings. Thank you for your help

Have you been to a respiratory consultant for a proper diagnosis? If not, insist that you do.

No I haven't just GP and thank you I will take your advice many thanks

You need to get a clear (as clear as possible) diagnosis and prognosis for your lung condition. Respiratory disease has many causes and most are currently irreversible. An accurate diagnosis will get you on the correct medication and dosages. Your GP will likely not be a specialist in this field and a referral to a chest and lung consultant by your GP must be sought.

Some conditions have almost the exact same symptoms as others and getting full lung function tests will help enormously with your treatment.


Thanks for your advice I will push the GP for a referral. It makes sense. Thank you

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