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Newly Diagnosed

Hi Everyone, I have had a nasty virus started beginning of November. After 7 weeks if coughing and anti biotics for a wk I was sent for a chest x-ray. I was told 3 days ago it said COPD lungs and was prescribed Spiriva. I'm 45. I have to wait a few weeks for this to kick in and virus to be completely gone. I'm shocked and concerned about the stage as I'm guessing as it showed on X ray (hyperinflation of lungs) it must be more than stage 1? Can anyone give their experience please.

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Morning spiriva is what they call a gold standard drug for copd you don’t want to worry he’s not sent you for ct scan so they seen something on the X-ray it’s just helping you so don’t read to much in to it are going to see the nurse or are going to be looked after by her they can’t tell you how bad it is or what’s wrong until ct scan or breathing Test to say what’s gasses your get out and keep in and to see how restrictive your air flow is

So like I said don’t worry yourself you need to sit down with the dr and ask him how bad it is and what the long term outlook is but stop worrying

Stay calm stay safe stop worrying


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Hi, From being diagnosed about 10 years ago I was on spiriva, serevent, and of course ventolin. I have had no complaints. They all worked well together and I very quickly noticed an improvement in my breathing. Over the years my condition has declined and I have recently had my meds changed to Brailtus (a cheaper version of spiriva), seretide (serevent with the addition of steroids) and of course good old ventolin.

We all worry when we are first diagnosed but there is no point. Just try to be positive and think what you can do yourself. The answer to that is :-

eat well - important

exercise - important

don't smoke - important

When your virus has completely gone you doctor will probably give you a spirometry test from which he should be able to tell you what stage you are at. Don't be afraid to ask for the results.

I hope this has helped a bit. Please keep us up to date on progress and don't worry.

Best wishes................Carole


Braltus made my condition far worse so decided if I couldn't have Spiriva I'd prefer to take nothing - which I did for some time. Told doctor this and Spiriva was reinstated - if you don't ask you don't get!

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Is that the generic version or a different drug? Strange I took Spiriva for 3 days which helped missed a dose and felt much worse. Than b4 I started it. It's all so overwhelming.


Both are tiotropium but the difference, for me at least, is like chalk and cheese. Aspirin will always be aspirin but many can only take buffered/coated form. The delivery method is important in any drug and they vary massively. What suits one person cannot be tolerated by another and I think this is certainly true of inhalators.


Thank you Carole I have booked an appointment with my GP to talk about it and I am awaiting my appointment for the spirometry test. I guess until I have that I don't realky know where I'm at. 😩


Hi Carole I've just had my spirometry test. My Fev1 is 93% The fev1/fvc is 62%. I've been put on fosair to replace clennil. It's still says it's mild obstruction. They are re checking this in 6 weeks..


Glad you are getting somewhere Karen even if it isn't as fast as you would like. From what little I understand of the readings it does not sound too bad - although I expect it feels it . My Fev1 is 27% which I think is classed as very severe but everyone can be different even with the same readings. Keep up with the exercise and drink plenty of water. It sounds as though your doctor has it in hand.


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