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Do i have Pleurisy

I had a very bad throat infection before Christmas, had antibiotics, also sharp pain in shoulder that also felt as if under right breast,,, throat better after about 10 days but chesty cough,,, and still this sharp stabbing pain in shoulder and under right breast,, Saw Dr, again and had bloods taken,, need wait a week fro results,, and had a ECG as i have a heart condition and murmur,,,, but woke after 3 hrs sleep and the dry cough, and feeling of tightening on chest, and this constant sharp pain,,,,???? I was reading about Pleurisy and now wonder if this is what i have as sounds much like my pain from others discription,,,,it hurts more after i eat? Breathless also,

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Hi there sorry you've been so poorly recently. I've had pleurisy a few times and you're symptoms certainly sound familiar. It is like a small knife being driven into your shoulder or chest, and is a very severe pain so I feel for you.

I suggest you go to the doctor again, describe the symptoms and let them have a listen. Pleurisy sounds like a crackle in the affected lung so they'll be able to hear it.

I really hope you feel better soon xx

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