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Bronchomalacia right stem

Hi my son has right main bronchomalacia he has a normal ish life only when he gets a cold does it take over his life.He then has a low threshold for antibiotics recommended by consultant at hospital but sometimes he don't have a chest infectiin he gets like these symptoms..eg sats normal, temp norma,l chest clear ( but saying that even with double phemonia he has no wheeze) and very high pulse rate resting 120+ with Coughing green up . Coughing so much hard to talk, my question is do anyone else have these symptoms with bronchomalacia? Every time we go to doc i have a different doc and different treatments eg this week have been prescribed beconase nasal spray. Told to take Sudafed. Then saw another doc who had a blood test for whooping cough! Even though has had these symptoms lots of times. Can anyone help love to hear from you. This has been going on since birth and he is now nearly 17.

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My advice would be to insist on a referral to a specialist consultant, This treatment is just not good enough. Why not telephone the BLF helpline on Monday? I am sure they can offer advice. 03000 030555


Thank you so much for your reply. I will definitely phone the helpline on Monday and see what they say.


I have tracheobronchomalucia & blf do provide any support for our conditions even though i have had several conversations with them re adding support for rare lung diseases. Does your son see a respiratory consultant who deals with airway disease? If not get your dr to refer him to one. Sadly there is no medication to cure or help our condition but they can do things to help him manage it. I hope you get the help you need!


Hi joolz10 thank you for your message and thank you for your reply. The last consultant was a paediatric consultant and didn't seem too interested as at the time my son was going through a rare good patch. So i think i will get doc to refer us back to assess him again. Thanks again.


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