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My mother has weak days with COPD, is this normal? Is there a remedy?


Hi Everyone,

Today I am not writing about myself, but my mother. I have severe emphysema, but my mum, who is 88, has COPD, with a bit of everything according to her Doctor.

She tries hard to be very independent but has been in hospital 4 times this year. Today, she was wondering why she felt so wobbly and weak, after feeling comparatively active and good in the preceding days. She takes Spiolto, 10 mg of steroids, salamol and a diuretic.

Does anyone have a cure for these down days? I've told her that I think a lot of people feel like she does, but if there is any remedy, it would be good to know.

Thank you so much for your support. I really feel much better communicating with you all.


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Hiya ,I try to watch comedy’s when I’m feeling a bit low..

Hi Anneg, ,,,,I know just how your mum feels, it's amazing that within an hour of feeling good I can feel completely shattered, I've started to go to bed for an hour then start again I think it helps. We laugh about it and say it's old age (not the emphysema ) lol, but I'm only 74 so a long way to go to catch your mum up. Have a happy Sunday, jane

If u are the one that asked a out y our mum being weK don't worry that is part of the disease . I was always hyper. N full of the pAst year I loss all sense of smell n appetite n forget to eat. People will a.c. use me of being on drugs n that is a shame . most days I don't leave the house n too tired to. Even have company. When i do get out ii find I feed off other people's energy n that go d's me energy. Just be there to help. I ha e no family n a fee people e that understand my disease . God bless u for caring a out your mom....pinky

Hi. I think anyone with lung disease has down days for various reasons. Mine come from doing too much in a day. Hope she can come to accept the downtime as a need for rest and should still mention it to doctors. I need an increase in steroids this time of year. That gets me going again. Lots of love to your mom. She’s so blessed to have you looking out for her.

Check the information leaflets that come with your Mum's medication, too. Sometimes I feel a bit weak after taking Ventolin, and diuretics can sometimes cause dizziness. Check with her pharmacist if you think something might be causing a problem.

You need to try and get your mum to understand that sometimes on the weary days the best thing she can do is potter around in the morning and do a bit of light dusting (hubby's word for my cleaning abilities these days) at the most get dinner ready to put on and then tuck herself up in her favourite chair with a nice cup of tea or coffee, a book, tv, knitting or sewing and not to feel she letting the side down.

If nothing else, I have learned over the past few years unmade beds, fluff build-up around the skirting board that sort of stuff is not important, even ironing has been placed at the bottom of my to do list, if I'm going out I iron the outfit if it needs it otherwise hubby and I live in glorious wrinkly clothes.

I bet your mum was brought up when women were expected to do everything and follow the family set of house keeping rules of when different chores should or should not be done and she feels that people will comment on the fact that she is letting the side down by not getting everything done before she can sit down and its very hard to change a lifetimes thinking.

I might be wrong but I don't think there is any cure for the wobbly days just when they happen just give yourself permission to rest and chill out.


Thank you all for your positive comments. I'll let her know that she is no aloan, but will tell her to check her medication with the Doctor and maybe in crease her steroids.

She is use to being very socible, so these week days hit her hard. Her elderly friends have also said you need to give yourself a day to recover. if you've tried to do too much. A light comedy sounds like a good idea. It stops you brooding about things too much.

Very greatful to you all for replying.

Maybe a ken Dodd box set will cheer her up😊best wishes. Xxalan

At 70 with severe COPD and Emphysema I think I am 25 when feeling good and having a better day only to end up over doing it and suffering the following day. I always seem to forget to pace myself when I am having an easier day than usual. Anyway at 88 you deserve a few quiet days!

Thank you for your reassurance. I think my mother still likes to think she is 25. Mentally, she's very with it and sharper than a lot of people in their 20s. I'll pass on your advice. A few quiet days never hurt anyone!

A couple of things. Was the medication set by a lung specialist. May be a review is needed. Yes there are days when it is harder to do things. The weather has an effect on how you feel. The overwelming tiredness usually clears with a little nap.

All the best to you both


I think we all have up days & down days, unfortunately it's part of the illness. I get a bit wobbly at times but grab something solid until it passes which it does. There is no cure for it I am afraid you just have to work around it and remain as positive as possible and keep one's mind active on anything else.


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