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For members taking Calcichew - government drug alert

One batch apparently - check it isn't yours.

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Pete doesn’t use calcichew but thank you for that information. Xxxx


Thank you so much for this 02. I have one bottle with no box or patient leaflet. Will have to check the other box.

Thanks again.



Distributed to pharmacy level since 15 Nov 2017

Batch No. 11372123

Expiry date May 2019

Brief description of the problem

The above batch is being recalled because the product has been found to contain traces of a non-approved excipient (a Patchouli-like oil) which has inadvertently been added to the lemon flavouring used in the manufacture of the tablets. Takeda has no reason to believe that the non-approved substance poses a significant risk to public health.

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Thank you Jean, I don't take them but Sharon does, her's are a different batch # though.


I don't take it any more but knew many here would do.


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