Chest pain

Chest pain

Hello I am a male 22 years old and I had a quite normal life which totally changed before 2 days as I am having bad chest pain in the upper left part ... feels like tearing of my chest

I also have cough with phlegm but as it’s winter in here so it’s normal out here to almost every one ... but my chest pains have become really bad ... as I suffer from anxiety pretty much ... I did a x ray chest pa ... well they told to wait couple of days for the reports but gave me the X-ray of my chest and said that it’s normal as your reports would be normal too ... but I am worried about lung cancer as I am a smoker ... but not. Constant .. I can say hardly 2 cigarettes a day ... but I am really worried .... the left chest is also tender to touch as pressing my ribs gives relief to me ... what could be my problem ?

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Anyone ????

Hi Abdullah, so sorry you have these anxieties. We are not medically qualified to give a diagnosis, we are all patients with lung conditions, and come here to support one another. There are so many lung diseases you might have, It may just be a chest infection causing you pain. May I suggest you ring the free BLF helpline available Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm. 03000 030 555 to have a chat with the nurse. or send an email at

There is so much information o the website. I hope you will find out more, that will put your mind at rest about lung cancer.

I want to know if my X-ray is clear

Well as I said, we aren't qualified to answer that question. I think they would let you know pretty quickly if they saw something. Take care.

Well thank you...

They told you that your x-ray was 'normal'. We can neither read your x-ray nor diagnose your symptoms. The best advice we can give here is to stop smoking and stay active. Any health worries and you should speak to your doctor. I wish you luck with it.

Thank you for the sympathy

I went to hospital for xray blood tests. Ambulance. Paramedics. Hospital said I was fine.

Two weeks later still pain. Tired too.

Went to doctor. He sent me to hospital. Another place. They found loads of things. I was crying.

Now I'm on the mend.

3 weeks off work. Feeling better. Try Manuka honey £15 ajar.

To help put your mind at rest an x-ray would show if you had lung cancer. You have been told it is normal then you haven't. I am wondering why you don't believe this? Do you think you could have health anxiety? This can cause physical pain too you know.

I need you to tell that my case is of 6 months before first I was daigonosed with ibs which was a constant pain for two months and then went away certainly and after that just a day I started to have headaches which were also constant for 3 months.. did a cat scan came normal and mri normal and suddenly it faded away and my nausea started and stomach ache afterward and that too constant ... my gp got confused and sent me for endoscopy which came clear just before 6 days ... now look here I am with this chest pain ... :’( ... I have fear of death .. I don’t know what is happening to me ...

Anxiety can cause all those symptoms. Are you getting any treatment for this?

Well I have been on antidepressants antibiotics ... and many other medications .. nothing is working out

Feels like I am possessed

Abdullah, have you considered CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) where a very understanding and sympathetic person will talk through your fears with you. Your GP would probably organise sessions for you. Many people with severe anxiety find it helpful.

Let’s first see what the reports wil come??

Hi, first you need to stop smoking as I get smoking, or your problems will come later in life..

We can't diagnose you problems as we are not doctor: Your anxiety needs sorting so you need to see your doctor. talk to him/her about the X Ray and your fear of cancer, nobody else can help. many reasons for pain in chest, not all scary things at all, a pulled muscle for example.

You said "I also have cough with phlegm but as it’s winter in here so it’s normal"

Could be just a cold or maybe a chest or throat infection, again this a doctor could teat this if need be. You are obviously worried, go see your doctor he/she will help.

Has your doctor diagnosed anything, has he said you are suffering from ??????? or are you just, through anxiety, imagining that you have something wrong with you? Do you worry about your health all the time?

I am worried about myself all the day

I'd go for a big scan and tests. Whole day in hospital. There's something brewing up. Good luck

Let’s see first what they say about the reports

There a bit slow

Who are a bit slow?

Results. I got mine right away

Stop smoking till it's over. Your a young boy. Wait till your 50.

I smoked for yrs. Doctors smoke and drink. Too. So it's up to you to try and quit.

I gave up smoking and had chest pains. Then I had a ciggarrette and the pain went away. So it's only the kind of flue you have. Drink plenty fluids. And spit don't swallow flem

I had my reports online and they came back normal as there is no abnormalities seen

I am really sorry to say this to you Abdullah741, but I truly think that the majority of your problems are in your head. Everything you have said points to this, each time you have had a problem, once they have done tests and told you they have found nothing it seems to problem goes away. I think you are suffering with extreme anxiety and panic, and I think you should talk to the doctor about it, I have to take medication for anxiety and it really helps. Please talk to your doctor about it, you are a very young man and should not be worrying about dying. Take care and let us know how you get on xx

Yes even I think so ... and I think I should go for a counselling

Also, try to keep yourself busy so that you have less time to think about yourself, and use your time constructively, for instance, helping others less fortunate than yourself, or starting a project for your work or your home.

Yes that really true :) I will work on it

Yes Abdullag741 I really think you should, because you are making yourself ill with all the worrying and anxiety, and please do it as soon as possible and let me know how you get on x

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