COPD Day & Rehab Update

Hi Everyone,

I have managed to read through lots of posts to update myself...I have Been Busy ( Chuckle) Slowly. I mentioned a few weeks ago about rejoining PR, Well it is amazing how I feel after just 3 sessions of Rehab....I also have continued with My Breathe Easy Exercises and The Gym, so 4 times a week getting out and walking more.. I do use a pedometer every day so I can judge my readings and try and better them. I still don't Hoover, Hubby does that, but other stuff gets easier now... Did a table Top Tombola for COPD Day, that was great. Hope your all Coping and managing as best you Can. Love Carolina XXXX

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Hi, great that PR is going well and you are keeping busy. Impressed by table top sale. Well done you. Xxxxx

Keep the exercising up, life is definatly easier when you are fit and active, I hate to think what my life would be like if I was not fit and active.

Delighted to hear that you are still enjoying PR Carolina. It seems to have made a huge difference to your mobility levels and getting out and about more.i would love to go to a class or group like this but unfortunately, there isn't anything available in my area.

That is such a shame BJ, I have heard a lot of people saying there is No amenities like PR , because their Areas are rural, ?, maybe if you approached your local MP?. That is why I & PR friends created The Breathe Easy group for our area 4 years ago. I do home exercises also, maybe less now I'm back at PR, but I do find any exercise is a must for this condition, the more we can move the better for our Lungs. I've been indoors all day, though I planned my day, a slow process of cleaning my kitchen cupboards , other things needed doing, I put my Pedometre on this morning , I was pleased with 1,360 steps, mostly on Oxygen, makes it easier. Tomorrow it will Double at Rehab. maybe triple, as I go Friday shopping afterwards. Take care Hun, good Luck & do what you can. XXX Carolina.

Carolina,you have indeed taken the bull by the horns with your regime and it is obviously working wonders for your lung function,as BJ says it is a post code lottery for PR courses and the like,and living in outer Manchester we could hardly be called rural,but we have the same problem.Anyway your determination is inspiring and i for one will make an even bigger effort once my friend Hernie is banished..................amor y mejores deseos skis y scruffineta x

Gracias carino, Estoy Mejor, por que, la gente aqui es magnafic y Suporte me mucho.

Thank You darlings, Off to Rehab now, then my Normal Friday Shopping.. Wishing you a Great weekend and your adorable Scruffenita....Amor y Besos a Ti Skis. xxxxx

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