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BREAKING NEWs /APP Based GP Services provider makes push for patients to switch from their genral practice's

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💬 Could we be seeing end of general practice in london WITH advent of online app gp service's

How do you FEEL

Having used app based GP services even tho quick and easy IS and always will be limited in my opinon AND no replacment to seeing a doctor you can touch

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Well as horrible and full of bias private intrest some GP's have are i would not like to see an end to NHS general practice doctor.

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I saw this on tv but it’s not really workable for all. Pete has too many health issues as do many. We would want to actually see our GP at the surgery. Xxxx

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Lol..the digital to cut costs basically..

How can an app replace a physical examination by a doctor?

Hi Jeff, interesting article but to my mind it excludes those who really need the services quickly. It is more for those who require services to fit round their busy schedules, and illness does not recognise schedules it hits us when we least expect. Minor problems can already be dealt with by the chemist. Getting more and more like other countries, if you can afford to pay or have insurance service is faster. Sadly times are changing and once again its the less fortunate who loose out, not everyone can afford a mobile to have an app, will there be free mobiles for the lower income families, and what about those unable to use a mobile for what ever reason. There are many againsts

for this system with only speed and convenience being the fors. Enjoy your day.

Worrying. So many exclusions:

Babylon said, however, that patients with the following conditions could be excluded from the service:

Women who are or may be pregnant

Adults with a safeguarding need

People living with complex mental health conditions

People with complex physical, psychological and social needs

People living with dementia

Older people with conditions related to frailty

People requiring end of life care

Parents of children who are on the ‘Child at risk’ protection register

People with learning difficulties

People with drug dependence

Not my idea of a personal service.

My practice has recently introduced an ' ask my GP ' service to replace the urgent care drop in clinic.

You contact them by landline, smart phone or online .

All right if you have a one off simple condition but are otherwise healthy, but hopeless if you have complex rare conditions that even your personal GP practice has trouble dealing with. I can see queues at A and E getting longer and longer. My autistic son would not tell an app he is autistic. Could lead to some interesting conversations! Not only that, he wouldn't consider that he is vulnerable and with psychological/mental health problems so would try to use the app anyway. Autism - the most misunderstood condition!

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