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Painfull COPD

I have been diagnosed with copd about 2 years ago. This was a shock I don't smoke and all of my 60 years I have never had even a cold in my lungs. I have had it under control. Till now my lungs hurt so bad with every breath. I'm not coughing at all it's just VERY painful with every breath. I'm also out of breath I feel like I'm running a marathon. I'm praying that I can see my doctor within the next couple of days. I don't have a lung doctor in my area so I just see my family doctor. Any advice please ?

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hi seay11 have you never smoked, I myself did try when I was 16, but never took it up, I started with asthma just after my 21st birthday now i'm 56 my asthma has declined . But I grew up in a house hold of 7 people 2 who where smokers so I have had to breath in second hand smoke , which causes asthma and copd and they say second hand smoke is worse. I now have problems with cig smoke, with fire smoke, don't think I will be going to any bonfire nights ,Lol hope things don't get too bad for you.


My mother smoked all the time in the house. I may have to go to the emergency room in I'm in this much pain tomorrow. Thank you for your input this is great bring able to talk to other people with this problem. This pain just started last night and has gotten so bad today. Thanks for your advice


Hello Seay611, you need to go to hospital , it is possible without smoking to get many lung conditions from passive smoke. The first COPD flare I had was very painfull but other infections like plueresy and pnuemonia can cause pain Let us know how you get on but don't leave it to chance get seen quickly.

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Agree with all above - you need to go to hospital as pain getting worse & best to get it checked out. Please keep us updated x


You realy do need to see gp or even call 111 for advice. pain on breathing could be a sign of a infection. You don't need to have a cough to have a infection. hope you are feeling better soon


same here never smoked diagnosed mild copd 5 years ago am 58 had ashma since was 20 every one said it will get worse which made my breathing worse but hey 3 years ago it started to get better it never got worse go get your self some acupuncher it works for copd think positive don't even read about copd it will make you worse exercise do hill walking join gym go on tread mill start by walking eat healthy copd is all in your mind and I bet you you will improve trust me your mind is a powerfull tool also try my breathing exercise it will expand your lungs as b for I got told I had copd I was fine never had a problem with breathing its the shok to your body getting told you have a terminail illness but it don't need to b like that


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