Homemade saurkraut

Hi everyone! So for the past couple of years I've been making homemade sauerkraut. Before you turn your nose up it's nothing like sauerkraut in a jar or a can at all. I say that because that sauerkraut thats been canned has no probiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria.

When we take antibiotics we wipe out the good bacteria from our gut and the bad bacteria wins over our system. The gut has been said to be the brains of the body.

Making saurkraut is very easy. Slice 1 lg. cabage in thin strips (the thinner the better) place into a large glass bowl and add 2 tbsp of course salt (or any kind except iodized salt or table salt) Add the salt and let sit for 20 minutes and you will see a glisten on the cabbage. Perfect! With clean hands strongly massage the cabbage until brine covers the cabbage. If you can't squeeze enough to cover add pure water to cover the cabbage. Put a weight on top so the cabbage is fully submerged. I use a plate with something heavy on it. Let stand on the counter to ferment for at least a week. It is in no danger of hurting you. No one has documented any food poisoning or death due to fermentation. Due to fermenting with salt (a preservative) it will be fine. 1 fork full a day (or more) will replenish what the antibiotics have killed off. I suggest starting off with a fork full and work your way up. Reason? You may be taking too many skips to the loo!

Try it and let me know how it goes. I am looking forward to hearing from anyone who tries this. I will post a great link for those of you who are interested. ~~ Lindy from Vancouver~~

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Hi Lindy-loo, if l even attempted to make sauerkraut Pete would leave home. He hates cabbage and anything to do with it.

Hope others take up your recipe though. Xxxx

Hi lindy, I will definitely have to try this.I am in the uk,but i have 2 cousins who live on gabriola island.

Oh I LOVE the gulf islands! Have you been there? Yes give it a try! Don't forget to stir daily I think I forgot to add in my post. Also important that all the shredded cabbage is submerged. Check out the link that I posted seperately

Theres always kefir. No smell like cabbage . Starters are avail at health food stores or probably Amazon

That’s very interesting Lindy-loo. I have also been looking into kaffir ( not sure how to spell it) but not sure that I could take it.

Kefir is supposed to be good lp. I've tried it but I can't tolerate yoghurt or similar stuff. Thanks to my good friend Zube, who makes kombucha, I now have that and tolerate it very well. I also have live probiotic VSL. I take them because of the gut problems I have. Zube also uses saurkraut. More trips to the loo though would be dire for me.


There ar 2 types of kefir... water or milk based. I always add some blended fruit in before I drink it. You can probably buy starters on Amazon or your health food store. Kombucha tea is good and very easy too!

Strange how things pop into usage. A couple of months ago I was reading a few books from the Library "I contain Multitudes Ed Young", "The Gut Guila Enders". Both highly recommended. And one more if you have the mind, An end of Illness Dr Agus. The latter will make you re-think the vitamin popping culture that we have become.

Anyway I digress, one of the topics was Fermentation. Sauerkraut was one of the topics that came up. Especially in its roll as a pre-biotic. So I tried to make some, with limited success, it tasted awful. So forgot about it. A couple of days ago we were running short on food ideas, neither of us wanted to go shopping, so had a scratch meal and my wife dug out the jar of Sauerkraut and thought we would try it with cooked up leftovers. Bingo, it was delicious, the extremely salty taste had vanished. Couldn't believe it. I was thinking then, must try and make some more. Your recipe was a timely coincidence.

Thank you.

I am so glad you gave it another try!in my recipe I said 2 tbsp. But 1 woulld do. I usually top the cabbage with enough water nd mix it in (weakens saltiness) so that there is no air that is able to touch the cabbage (you want it submerged) DON'T heat the sauerkraut past 130 ° f or you kill all the good bacteria! Happy krauting 😅

Yes! I have been making sauerkraut and kefir for years. The milky kefir is ideal to keep one from being constipated. The sauerkraut is delicious but I only use a teaspoon of kosher salt. Of course the longer you leave it fermenting the more palatable it becomes.

I have two types of starters one gives me milky kefir in 24 hours the other gives me youghurt type in about 72 hours. Two different starters. I must admit I do find them both sharp to taste but most enjoyable and beneficial.

Go on line and search ‘Kefir’ - lots of information.

Have a Happy and healthy probiotic future. 😇

Yes! I make kefir and kombucha tea too 😄

Thats great! So yummy on both accounts

Thanks Lindy-loo, making sauerkraut is something I keep meaning to do. It's becoming more and more evident how important it is to have a healthy gut.


No kidding and it is so easy to make too

Thanks Lindy, I'll let you know how I get on. I'm a firm believer in doing as much as I can for myself to keep as healthy as possible, hence lots of supplements. It's proving very expensive and making my own sauerkraut makes a lot of sense. Plus it's meant to be better than popping a pill.

For sure it's a heck of a lot better than popping pills isn't it? Have you ever tried Kiefer or also I make Kombucha tea. That is super easy to make. There is really lots of probiotics in that. I'm not big on vitamins I take vitamin D see and that's about it. If I feel a cold coming on I'll take some oregano oil. But even with oregano oil it may work for normal people but not me. But I still keep trying. LOL my daughter csells essential oils and I am always throwing in some oils into the diffuser. I quite like them.

I am with you besise it gives me an excuse to snack 😄

Well I've bought a cabbage so that's a start!

Re essential oils, I've just bought a bottle of thieves oil which is a blend of oils and is supposed to kill off lots of germs. The story behind it is very interesting, Google the history and healing of essential thieves oil. I had to travel on a busy train last week so put a few drops of it on a tissue and also blended some with a little olive oil which I dabbed in each nostril. Don't know if it works but smells lovely.


Yes! She (my daughter) has a blend called "on guard" same idea. She uses it daily on her family and they have not been sick so far. My grandson is 7 and is exposed to all kinds of goodies at school

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