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When i have a chest infection i treat it with doxyciclin. This is prescribed for me.

When i start the course i take two tablets to start.

Does anyone else do this?

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Hia, is this something your doctor has asked you to do? Do you have some sort of lung issue other than just having an infection? It sounds strange to me, but I'm sure your doctor knows best. I have bronchiectasis and when I have a chest infection I have 2 weeks worth of antibiotics rather than one.

hopetorun in reply to Lucybird

Yes i do too. I have copd and asthma. My doctor told me to do this once and i have carried on the same. So the first day i take 3 tablets.

Lucybird in reply to hopetorun

Ah right, I imagine it's to give you a boost at the beginning

I don't take doxy HTR, but I have heard of this, doubling up the first day.

Just diagnosed with COPD, FEV1 72% and have had one chest infection so far, they prescribed the Azithromycin 5 pack, which is 2 the first day and then one per day after that. It worked great, I now have it on hand in case it comes back so I can have a jump on it.

Yes, I always do this, my doctor recommends it.

I also take two the first day then one a day for the following thirteen days.


Yes always 2 the first day should be indicated on the tablets as how to take them xx

Yes 2 for the first dose, as far as I know, this is standard practice.


Yes this is normal for doxycycline

2 x 100mg first day

1 x 100mg daily after

hopetorun in reply to Dazzler142

For me i take 3x100mg thefirst day. Then 1 am 1 pm


Yes I take doxyclycline too and am always told to take 2 doses for the first 1 as well.

Thank you everyone who responded. I was just interested to see what happens generally.

Yes you start with 2 then 1 per day until course is finished. As prescribed.

Hi hope torun

Yes I take two to start then one per day until the course is finished.

I am supposed to take 1 twice a day for the full course.

Yes that's usually the case. Take 2 together for the first dose. Thereafter it depends on the condition you have, the severity of the infection etc. For me with bronchiectasis it's always 2 first dose then 1 twice a day.


I believe that with Doxycicline (which I came off) it is a one a day regime but you need two on day one to set the level in your system. If Doxy gives you a problem or does not work as work as you expect you should discuss with your GP/specialist as there are alternatives/.

yes xx


Unfortunately we all have chest infections and therefore need antibiotics of one kind or another. Most GP's start with Amoxicillin 3 Tabs a day & many GP's say 2No first dose then drop back to the 3No per day. Doxycycline starts with 2No for first day then 1No each day thereafter. Personally I find Clarithromysin the most effective which is 2No per day throughout the course. All types seem to be prescribed in conjunction with Prednisolone which can range from 4No tabs to 8No tabs per day.


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