New to oxygen, problem with sizes

For whatever reason my GP has now decided I would benefit from oxygen...........I had it in Hospital. 20 mins a day, at 0.5litre rate and that was fine......

So we agreed that the F300 portable size would be ample, and also handy for travel, on scooter, etc.....

Bayswater delivered next day but with the larger BX10 bottles......explained we wanted F300 size and he returned them to await new prescription from GP assuming she had asked for wrong size bottles.

GP rang this AM and explained that BX10 size was only one available via GP prescription and F300 would have to be prescribed direct from Hospital. Problem is, I am under GP care, not Hospital care..........

Am I stuck with these large bottles??

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Find it strange that your GP prescribe oxygen. It’s normally done by the hospital respitory team or oxygen team after assessment.

Mine was done by the pulmonary rehabilitation nurse, then transferred to oxygen team who do my annual review initially 6 monthly..

I had the same problem in reverse! Ordered large delivered small, had to contact nurse to revise HOOF, home oxygen order form.

I assume you've been prescribed the paediatric ones - much lighter and useful for active adults who carry them on their backs rather than in a trolley device of some kind. This is what I have. As for a referral to a respiratory physiotherapist or consultant so you can have them supplied to you. The heavy ones are very hard to manage.

If I had I would be delighted! Supplied are about 3foot tal!

I wanted smallest size so I could fit in the portable bag

These are certainly not ambulatory cylinders. Explain to your GP that you need a referral to the respiratory nurses for assessment and they will sort it all out. I have never known a GP order home oxygen before.

Three feet tall ?!@*&?! Do they think you are superman? Just shows how clearly GPs know nothing about oxygen and shouldn't be prescribing it.

But then again, re-reading your post, you don't mention ambulatory, just carrying them on your scooter. So Im a bit confused. 0.5 lpr for 20 minutes a day is not an oxygen prescription Im used to seeing so Im not really understanding your situation. But for portability obviously a 3 foot cylinder won't work.


Sounds like short burst oxygen therapy, which is different from Ambulitory or LTOT.

Thanks Stone, Ive not come across such a low amount before though I have heard of short burst O2 therapy.

Yes, short burst as per GP notebook description..................

I did mention the bottle code.F300.....this is the smallest size available...........All the information is there.

Yep, got it Ruach. I never remember the descriptions. Hopefully you'll be able to get the F300 when you get a referral. Good luck.

Also. no blame on GP, who was trying to help...........Only after ordering was it pointed out that the 3 foot size is the ONLY size that a GP can order. any other size must be prescribed by hospital.............I am sure I mentioned this also.......

You did mention it, that's why some of us were saying you needed a referral.

I will have appointment with GP soon, is awaiting a letter from consultant re new diagnosis.

Hope you get sorted very soon take care

I do not understand the bottle size mystery..... I see lots of folk with these small bottles, in transport bags, on scooters, wheelchairs, rollators, usually with cannula..........not all day wearing , just for use as needed. Bottle about 16 inches tall.........

do you have a Chest Clinic nurse up hospital i see mine every March if not can you ask doc to refer you?

Half a litre for 20 minutes a day?

What possible benefit does this give you?

You cant store it up you use it almost immediately, my first dosage was 6 litres a minute for ambulatory use.

I'm at a loss to see what your dosage will do for you 😵


I suggest you educate yourself about short burst oxygen therapy before posting what I regard as insulting asides questioning my needs and motivation.

I apologize if I've upset you, I have been told, in clinic, that short burst oxygen therapy is ineffective hence my question. I'll butt out in future. Good luck anyway 😁

I have a home machine I use 24/7 and short burst when I go out for Drs appointments..groceries and such set at 3 but when I'm back in the car I can put it on full flow at it's all good but6yes oxygen was prescribed by hospital but gp sent for testing to see if I was eligible for short burst

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