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Hi there,

I am wondering if anyone can help provide some stories or words of encouragement. My father was sent for an X-ray on his chest a few weeks ago, the results are in and they have found a 13mm shadow on his lung. They have followed this up with a ct scan this Thursday which was a cancellation and then an appointment next Tuesday to discuss the results at the hospital? Is this normal procedure? It all seems so quick and that terrifies me.I am very surprised that there was anything found at all as he has had no symptoms of any sort so was surprised he was sent for a chest X-ray in the first place. Any help at all would be so greatly appreciated.

With thanks

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They are just taking no chances. They have found nodules in my lungs, twice, and touch wood they have not continued to grow so far. I have 4 of them.

Your father will probably have a follow up CT scan later too, or a PET/CT Scan, again nothing to worry yourself about. They are just being cautious, most of the time there is nothing to worry about.


Hi sorry to read about dads issues usaly if its out bad you can suffer very bad congested chest.

I have been few times under 3 week rule and still am but everything worked out fine.

I guess the going to talk things though I.E watch n wait see if resvolves as could be consoladation from infection or calcified granuloma.


Gemma take heart and don't panic everything seems under control even though things can be rather daunting xrays always work by shadows and it is how the radiologist interpret them that the next step is taken and in your case, a CT scan, just hoping all goes well at the hospital, and try not to worry.



Thank you all so much for replying. It's so hard not to let your mind run wild. Every day feels like an eternity. Terms like 'shadow' as terrifying to hear. Really hoping that it's not anything sinister. However so hard not to interpret everything like how fast how appointments are as them trying to tell us something! I so appreciate everyone taking the time to reply to me it all helps so much x



I've recently had a chest X-ray and they found a 'shadow' on mine which they put down to what they call consolidation in my lung. I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis over ten years ago and it can manifest itself like this when I get a lung infection and I've had a few of those lately. Lung X-rays show up a lot of different things that are normally related to some kind of mucus congestion, it's not always really bad news.

Fingers crossed your dad's issue is something that good old antibiotics and maybe a course of steroids will sort out. Keep us posted.



If the G.P sent him for an xray and then had it followed up with a CT scan if it identifies a likely problem that has got to be good in a way. He can then start receiving some treatment. If the hospital have moved that quickly don't knock it. If he smokes get him to give it up now, lung disease is not reversable.



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