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sometimes when i lay down i am wheezy but after one puff of my has and when inhaller it goes after a few mins.

it always seems to happen if and when i lay on my left side so just wonder if that would mean that is because it is my left lung that is the problem and is why i have copd.

also find that the 10 mins of breathing exercise did help but seems now to takes about 40 mins

Strange how this copd effects everyone in differant ways.

also if i go for a long walk when its a bit chilly i can get wheezy and think should i stop and rest for a while, But if i carry on without resting it seems to bypass go after a while and i can just keep going.

Well has long has my legs and joints will let me lol but can still walk 4 miles without stopping but then have to rest for a few days so can only do that twice a week.

So am happy with that at the moment has i did have a hipp replacement last year and my doctor did say keep active has much has you can.

Anyway just a little feed back about myself has was diagnosed with mild copd jan 2013 at 55 am now 60 just hope i can keep this up has long has poserble

Best Wishes everyone


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