App For That

App For That

GP's up and down the county will soon be able to grade sick & disabled using NEW app like computerised frailty index to grade mortality.

Guess it can be good SOMETIMES to be neurotic.

I guess as patients if we are going to be graded like cattle or appliance WE should know our score.

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Its all over net ... and as we have seen with job center closers ITs easy to stop sick disabled money by phone MAKES redress near impossible and PRIVATE.

Am sure its not going to benefit those sick disabled or frail or would be talking of help not splitting hairs grading people

Brilliant if you need physio, but what about all the other problems with frailty like managing to feed yourself for instance?? We can't stop frailty happening can we, we need practical solutions to get round the difficulties it causes not apps to monitor it. IE I have a monitor incase of problems in the home but before I get help they need to get a key holder by phone to open the door for them, won't accept a key safe/number. It would be much quicker to dial 999 the only thing it seems to monitor is when I go out and come back via my phone line and I the customer has to pay for this. Its a waste of my pension.

Dear me JAS, what next? Where does mental health “fall” l wonder? I only think about that because l have a son with depression and a mother in law with Alzheimer’s who’s 85......frail with mental health problems maybe?

Will the NHS ever work properly again? Not if we don’t recruit Doctors and nurses and soon.

Thanks for your post and hope your doing ok. Xxxxx

Good point sassy.

Huh? I thought I was reasonably bright, but obviously missed out on lessons in gobbledegook!

I checked out the NHS website definition of Academic Health Service Network ( AHSN) .

' all AHSNs have an agenda to drive adoption and spread innovation across all areas of health care provision and population health, each AHSN also has the remit to bring together the resources and assets in their geography to create a synergy between researchers in universities, industry and entrepreneurs , and the local NHS to identify , exploit, and commercialise innovations that will have national and international significance'

( I hope I have typed that's easy to find the whole document on the NHS website to check)

The Nhs wasted millions of taxpayers money on an I.T system that failed to work. I hope that they are not wasting more money on stuff such as this in collaboration with our acedemics and industry and entrepreneurs.I personally do not see how it will improve life for everyday folk in society.

A proper database would be fantastic. Trouble is the scale of it makes it a difficult thing to do. My current set of hospital notes, actually volume three, is a two inch wodge of paper, it is hopeless to try and find something in it before the last few entries.

I did a fairly recent course on innovation and technology in health care on Future Learn and it seemed to me that most of the innovations if not originated by the front line staff, were merely exercises to try and reduce the (perceived) need for front line care services. Whilst there seemed to be a movement towards treating people as individuals by medical staff (we have all been told we are all different with different symptoms and medications etc. - hence they cannot give us a real prognosis etc..) the 'managers' in the NHS appear to be going against that and trying to put us all back neatly in little boxes - so thank you Jeff for pointing out yet another example of this sort of innovation. As has been said what we really need is more front line staff but under the current government that will not be happening while more money no doubt will be wasted on paying for technological 'advancements' on apps. etc, that no-one really wants.

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