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Can anyone answer this one?


Hi, I have really bad emphysema, and am about to take early retirement due to poor health. I was curious to find out if it's possible to get a mobility scooter on the nhs? My husband was looking at buying one but they cost so much and our finances are not good. I can only walk a very short distance before I get out of breath

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If you are under 65 you can apply for PIP. If you are awarded the Enhanced rate of the mobility component you can have a motability scooter. If you decide to do this get advice on answering the questions and on the physical assessment process. It is a tick box system and you have to give the right answers to aquire the number of points needed.

This may help with your question


Hi good advice there. If you do have to buy one yourselves then look at getting the vat disregarded. Proof of the illness would be required for this.

Nottobad in reply to Hidden

Yes it is good advice. I got a walker for when I am outside and recently got a trolley for helping wi carrying things inside. Both from the pulmanoary rehab. Didn't have to buy them.

skischool in reply to Hidden

Nice reply from our dear friend lilo Lil(remember that post when we all described our names and had a bit of fun) with regard to Vat exemptions theses days you shouldn't even have to prove your disability you just sign a disability disclaimer form with the provider of whatever the goods or service you receive and they can automatically do the business without charging VAT.Then it is up to HM revenue if they doubt your eligibility to chase you for the VAT........god luck skis x

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You are not daft skis :) xx

skischool in reply to Hidden

Us cockneys as you know lil have to be a bit sharp to survive.64 yrs of being the artful dodger has taught me a few survival tricks.When you reach my age not much gets by you without a bit of a fight lol x

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:) :D xx


Hi Margaret,

I'd be happy to chat about this if you want to give me a call - 03000 030 555.

Best Wishes,


I have just literally received a letter from DWP and I am gonna get the enhanced payment on PIP. Is it going to be like getting a car on the notability scheme where you sign over your payments?

Biddy_BLFHelplineAdministrator in reply to madmags

Good morning, if you've been awarded enhanced mobility, you can access the Motability scheme


I looked into using my PIP to get a scooter but I worked out that I can get a second hand one with a 12 month guarantee for less than they contract me to pay on the Mobility PIP. Me just being tight maybe but I was amazed how much they want in comparison to a motor car?

Make sure you calculate everything carefully before using your PIP or DLA for a car or Scooter or Wheelchair. There are thousands of almost new mobility aids which will cost you far, far less to buy privately and many which can be obtained with a guarantee. If buying a second hand chair or scooter privately I always assume the batteries will need replacing and I make sure I calculate this into the total price.

Of course, be sure to apply for a powered wheelchair or Scooter direct from the NHS first. You would need a refferal to the Wheelchair Clinic or Rehab team or ask GP to refer you to correct team. In England they used to run a voucher scheme. This meant if you needed a manual chair AND a powered wheelchair or Scooter they would calculate the amounts and you could choose to have a voucher towards the amount OR be issued with the standard manual chair/Scooter/power chair.

If you can't calculate the TRUE costs of using the MOBILITY SCHEME then do make sure you find someone to help you so that you FULLY understand how much it is REALLY going to cost you. Remember once the three years are up (on the Mobility scheme) you are left with OWNING absolutely nothing!

It still can be the right choice for some. I would expect it to NOT be the best choice for many people when needing a Scooter or Wheelchair.

SEEK GOOD ADVICE! Make sure you make the right choice FOR YOU!

Keep Smiling

or in my case I will

Keep Twinkling

Love & Hugs from

Twinkling Star Xx

Good advice up above ;-)

If you want a scooter, think about what you will use it for. Is it just to go around the shops, or will you be going on 10-mile 'walks' with a group of ramblers, or your partner?

Getting the 'right' scooter is vital!! They are all simple to use, but their range, comfort and power vary tremendously.

Your PIP mobility money could get you a nice little van [brand new, tax and insurance paid, and your carer/partner/friend/etc can drive it too], to take your scooter anywhere and as Star up above said, second-hand market is there for scooters.

I take my scooter out in the van and go to places I could never ever get to any more... they can go where cars can't, and to places my body will no longer take me!

Anyway, think, think again... and again. Whatever you choose to get, enjoy it!!!


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