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Serevent Confusion

I was prescribed "Serevent" (Salmeterol) to replace the maintreatment of "Tiotrupium" (Spiriva). The dose prescribed was 1 dose daily. It wasn't helping so I switched back to Tiotrupium, however closely reading the GSK Instructions for Salmeterol it clearly states "the normal starting dose is 2 puffs twice daily". I have recommenced with Salmeterol taking 1 puff twice daily at 12 hour intervals and so far it seems to be helping and I seem to need less Ventolin between times. Has anyone else experienced a similar situation.

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I would have spoken to your GP before changing dosage, which is also mentioned in the GSK instructions. There may be good reason for the lower dosage.

Are you using any other inhaler such as Seretide, which also as salmeterol as the active ingredient?


HI Stone-UK - Good advice, thanks. I will see my doctor again soon and discuss with him but no, I take nothing else other than Ventolin. I was prompted to reconsider the Salmeterol issue following recent reports of irregular fills of Spriva in the Tiotropium capsules. Something I have also experienced!

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I agree with stone, please ask for advice. Maybe from your pharmacist as well.

I was prescribed Serevent years ago, but I had a separate preventer as well.


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