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info piz

hi all and a very good morning oo you all new too useing oxygen got my oxygen on tue use it once or 2 but not for long but was useing it today as i need to take stuff from bedroom too shed and then back up to hover the bedroom as i when back up with the hover and was hoving i got what i could only describe as a warm glow from my neck down and had to stand and was breathing heavily but after about 2 or 3 min this when and feel ok to go on with hoving could any one tell me is this norm when useing oxygen

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Never experienced what you described, been using Ambulitory oxygen for some time.

Where you expecting to much from using oxygen, it's only used to maintain your O2 levels at an acceptable level to avoid damage to major organs rather than reverse the effects of breathlessness, though it will help.

Despite using oxygen you stil have to pace your self, going of you post you may have,over done things slightly.


thank stone i had though that myself keep forget that it to help keep my oxygen levels up not stop me getting out of breath and i did go up the stairs very quick


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