uesday evening

Had blood gasses like I said wrist and inner arm then pumped with pure oxygen Doctor returns repeats Blood gasses feeling like a pincushion another needle in stomach. For good measure. I'm Brought a Hot chocolate But not allowed to take Venus mask off to Drink it. .Then along comes junior Doctor Repeats Tests not without causing pain. I told her other Doctor didn't hurt she apologised then did them again Because Blood had clotted so. Waiting for results Breathing and Breathlessness awful and think it's very Bad

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  • I am so sorry you are suffering so much those blood gasses injections hurt some not as bad as I exspected but I can sympathise as I had it done recently in my wrist she got it on second go well I'm thinking of you. Sam x

  • Thank you Sam have had more Bloods Done today Thirsday like a pin cushion x

  • Thinking of you as always Margaret and hoping things improve soon. Xxxxx

  • Thanks sassy My Breathing is not doing what I want it to Lol xxx

  • Hope your breathing gets its act together Margaret. Lots of love xxxxx

  • This king of you Margaret I hate those blood gas tests. You take care and get better soon love Bernadette 😳 xxx

  • Thanks Bernadette I am hoping so But really struggling with my Breathing and Sats every day I hope it will improve love Margaret xxx

  • I'm sure it will Margaret you are a very strong and determine lady. Will let you get some rest and will chat tomorrow. Take care goodnight love Bernadette 😳 xxx

  • I have been where you are now. It took a few days to get my oxygen where they wanted it but they did it. Then reduced the CO2 somehow. Grit your teeth and hold on. Sending warm thoughts and a hug. x

  • Thanks MrsM my teeth are that gritted I've worn them down lol x

  • Sorry you're having such a rough time, do hope things improve for you soon - hang on in there. Thinking of you, take care.

  • Hi still hanging just would like a few days of normality whatever that is Best wishes .

  • Thinking of you, take care x x

  • Thanks Shirley xx

  • Hi there T2D, oh the dreaded blood gases attempts can be painful and I've a clotting issue which meant the poor nurse had to do a Hussain Bolt run to get them to be tested asap! Hang on in there my girl and once your breathing issues get sorted, you'll be in a far better place- mentally as well,without all the worry of not knowing what's going on etc. Rest up and come back and keep us all up to date with your progress. Best wishes.x

  • Think the Doctors should be made to practise on themselves they may be a bit more carefull and we would not have such pretty coloured bruising. One of the patients said she says you have one chance of getting it right and if you don't I want someone else to do it .They had a bit of a problem with my blood clotting also what are we like take care x

  • T2D how are you getting on today? My trapped wind/Indigestion/hyper inflated lungs - not sure what it is but whatever it is.....is driving me totally mad. I've tried all the usual remedies,breathing techniques etc but zero change. Guess what,no doctors appt til next Monday!

    Are you back with Matron? Cx

  • Just got your post must have Been floating I can sympathise with you very painful l have lanzaropolle But still get it Both ends Unfortunatley. Someone at the hospice recommended morrisons own indigestion tablets .Sods law no Doctors appointments it just isn't right at the momment I'm sat with second nebulisar on just haven't Been able to Breathe Hope tomorrow Be Better for Both of us xxx

  • Hope the Morrison ones work more than Rennie's. Thing with doctors is just typical isn't it? Humidity coming down a lot now so my breathing getting a lot better. Fingers crossed yours will soon as well. Cx

  • Rennies Did nothing for me Morrisons Did Bring about a massive outtake of wind Don't think the lanzaropol Zdoing anything was going to go to Bed early But just couldn't recover my Breathing Glad yours getting a lot Better love Margaret

  • Oh I do feel for you Time_2_drink . I do wish doctors would stop inflicting unnecessary pain. I ask every one to use Lidocaine now before anABG, I`ve had so many agonising ones. You have a right to ask for it. You`ve been through so much let`s hope this time they`ll sort you out properly. Sheila xx

  • Thanks Sheila yes they really should give something to stop pain when there is no need .I am so fed up of going one step forward two well more steps Zback xx

  • Hi Margaret hope you are feeling a lot better today. Will check back later love Bernadette xxx

  • One day Bernadette please God will get sorted she laughs xxx

  • Now then mags how you doing hope you recover from your blood test I don't like it from your gas been at ripon in caravan week ends you been getting away?? Anyway take care and talk ltr. I'm at oxygen centre Tuesday where you went

  • Hi. Sent me home Sunday night got to the lift only to be called back they had missed some of my Meds can you believe it .Hope your test goes ok on tuesday let us know how it goes where did you go in RIPON Best wishes

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