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Still Here and Still Fighting and Defying Medical Science

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Last weekend I celebrated my 60th Birthday with my family with a trip around my local park followed by a picnic. .... nowt special about that ? ?.... But 4 years ago the way I was declining, It was looking like I had less than 6 months left. I stabilised but nobody thought I would get anywhere near 60...... Yahoo :)

I'm still fighting , but most of my fighting is with solicitors regards asbestosis compensation, and insurance companies trying to get my mortgage paid out, but their computer programme says I am not terminally ill, irrespective of 3 specialist saying I am ...... I've found out I've developed Tourette's when talking to them!!!!!!.

I know I wont see my next birthday (xmas is my next target?) but I'm determined to resolve these issues before I go. If not the solicitor and insurer are at the top of my most haunted list :)

My ex work colleagues are taking me out for lunch today. something they have done every month since I had to retire 3 years ago. It's nice to have good friends :)

I'm a stubborn old 'B' but I don't intend going anywhere yet :)

Hope you are all keeping as well as possible?

Keep sucking it in


Pic is me, the wife, & kids with their partners at Hardwick Park Co. Durham ..Nice but tiring day out

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Belated birthday greetings Owen and nice to see such a lovely photo of you and family.

You keep fighting and digging your heals in. Take care xxxx

Hope all goes well with your health and your claim

You take care


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Plumbob in reply to newlands

Thanks Dorothy x

It's so very heartwarming to read your posts! I follow you and you make me smile with your cheerfulness and upbeat persona , I see your picture of hardwick park which I visit with my grandchildren, I understand your need to battle your claims not only for yourself but your lovely family, I for one congratulate you on your strength and love you share for your family also life itself, An sure you have inspired so many with your posts ,I wish you very many more of happy days weeks months and years, all your strengths continue to amaze so many i thank you so very much 🙂

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Plumbob in reply to Ennyl

Ennyl - Your words/ feeling are very heart warming and touched me - thank-you so much

It does worry me that you are stalking me 😬(oops sorry just 're-read your message , you just follow me ???) Lol

Always be positive its a lot easier on the mind and body and not so draining as being down.

Every days a bonus and I love confusing the medical staff. They have even admitted they like seeing me as I cheer up their stressful days - I just wish I didn't have to see them so much !!!

I bought my consultant and his staff cakes for my birthday to say thank you for getting me there ?

Remember smiling uses less energy than frowning so keep smiling and fresh air is free so keep sucking it in 😀

Take care

Owen x

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Ennyl in reply to Plumbob

Your so right there, it's hard at times to keep upbeat that's why we have this site so we can speak our worry and hopefully be a support to our fellow sufferers, this site so excellent it's constant care 24/7 you can't get that anywhere, I will keep following/stalking you and your posts you make me smile and count my blessings thanks👍

Wow, I'm crying now but happy tears

Betsy Rose

Hi Plumbob, it's great to see you back. Keep giving those turkeys plenty!

Happy Christmas in advance.😊

A belated Happy Birthday Plumbob

Sorry Plumbob the gremlins are stopping me in my tracks......trying to say a belated Happy Birthday and what a fantastic family photo as well. You keep doing what you're doing and its great to see you on the forum.

Happy (belated) birthday and here's to the next! Never say never and good luck with the bureaucrats. :)

Fantastic to see you plumbob and happy birthday.

Lovely family picture so pleased you got out with the family.

I thought this legal battle would be over the one thing that keeps me going is the thought of re-incarnation I can't tell you what im coming back as or what I'm going to do but I will have loads of fun

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Plumbob in reply to onamission

Hopefully like me we won't be going anywhere soon onamission !! Just stay stubborn 😇😇😇 x

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onamission in reply to Plumbob

Stubborn will get you everywhere lol

Belated Happy birthday.

Great to hear from you Plumbob and wish you all the very best with your claim. Lovely photograph of you and your family 😃

Thinking of you xx

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Plumbob in reply to peege

Thanks Peege

Not writing on HU as much as I used to be but do read it regularly and hopefully it will be a long time yet before I go anywhere

Hope you keeping as well as you can x

Owen x

Belated happy birthday Plumbob. Your family look lovely and you've obviously got some really good friends. Keep fighting. xx

Fantastic! Keep at it!!

Hi Bob,

There is something very special about folk from your part of the country! Inspirational,keep it going!

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Plumbob in reply to locheil


I think were just stubborn 'B's who like to be a pain in the but. paid in to the NHS all my life now I'm making a few withdrawals from my account :D

Take care


Looks like you had a lovely birthday. Keep on fighting those insurers, they're quick to take your money but not pay out. Keep up the fight xxx x

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Plumbob in reply to Shirleyj

Thanks Shirley It's only been 4 1/2 years up to now think they are going for the Guinness Book of Records ?? (it's a good job I'm not dying !!!!!! LOL)

take Care


Thank you for your posts, Plumbob, they brighten my day, Every good wish for your battle with insurers and solicitors.

You are a real ruffy tuffy !!!! Brilliant I certainly believe you will be here for your next birthday hun xx I am a very positive person always taking the Micky out of myself about my walker and oxygen saves someone else doing it haha !!! I always say Heavens not ready for me yet and hells frightened I will take over !!! You carry on what your doing I am hoping you get good results with your claims !!! Hey don't forget my invite to your next birthday do !!!! Bless you hun xxxxx

Your on the list caz but don't know where I'll be holding it. (probably be down stairs so might be a bit warm?). So travel might be a bit difficult for you ??

I don't mind being pushed around (which I have to accept in my chair) but I won't be walked over :P ?........ Nobody pushes Plumbob in a corner!!!!!. ...Otherwise they go on the most haunted list :) :) :)

Take Care


Hi Plumbob reading your posts made me cry but in a good way you are a true inspiration with your kindness,persona and determination and not forgetting your comedy one liners.In your photo your family look happy and very proud i hope you win your battle and a warm and heartfelt happy birthday xx

Plumbob what a great family photo and your attitude to life. Well done you. Nobody knows what tomorrow can bring but putting such a positive note on it certainly helps. I take each day as it comes,some are good others absolutely awful. I'm having a bit of a bad time at the moment back in hospital yet again 6th visit since February. Chest infections, pneumonia, acute bronchitis, but I'm still here trying to get better xx

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Plumbob in reply to Jummie

Cheers jummie - I hope this current episode your having is soon sorted or are you just liking the special treatments lol

Like Forrest Gump says life is like a box of chocolates - but it appears some of us are selecting all the hard toffees so we just have to just keep on sucking away 😬😬😬

Stay positive and here's to you getting home soon


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Jummie in reply to Plumbob

Thank you plumbob you always make me smile with your comments. My husband at times just can't cope with me poppping into hospital, he is in denial. He says things like it's just a sniffle, it's a start to a cold. Umm no as it turned out it was pneumonia.


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Plumbob in reply to Jummie

My wife and I have a wicked sense of humour which keeps us going through the tough times -even when it was touch and go after I contracted sepsis in the lungs - on what was near my final hour we were joking and hospital staff couldn't believe it - unfortunately some of my relations feel it a bit inappropriate to joke about death - but we can discuss every possibility openly and it helps to talk - I've known a few people who just can't talk which is sad

I'm not going anywhere without a fight and a laugh

Get well ( as possible) soon

Owen x

Well done and goooooood luck to ya P B

Happy Birthday and glad you proved the experts wrong. I sure hope you get satisfaction with the insurance company and I can understand your attitude towards insurance companies. Governments should not allow them to push people around or run them around in circles trying to get what is due to them. They have treated so many people terribly and it is bad enough a person has to deal with health issues then the insurance companies just make everything that much worse at a time when you should be able to live your life to the best you can given the circumstances.

Keep fighting youve already defied the odds

Hi Plumbob. How are things with you now? My father has just had his scan results back that say he has asbestos damage to his lungs and he has been referred to a specialist. We are just at the start of his journey. He has been a joiner his whole life.

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Plumbob in reply to Laureth

Sorry to hear that Laureth not quite sure who your father is ( Freddy or the gent living in Canada or someone else )?

If in this country see a solicitor asap to record his diagnosis - not the first thing you think of at this time and hope you get a dragged out case like mine (thanks AXA insurance for the fight !!!)

Also contact the DWP as you can claim an Initial lump sum for industrial injury compensation - though it has to be repaid if your compensation claim is successful

It will be a long and frustrating journey - I've had to fight for everything - hopefully your journey won't be as tough

Please feel free to contact me should you want any info I might have or just a chat ? I'm hopefully not going anywhere yet ?

Make sure your dad tells the consultant ever thing as he can only make assessment on what your dad tells him

Take care


Thanks so much for your reply Plumbob. Sorry to hear your journey has been so tough, I hope your claim is successful! I have found your posts very informative so thanks for that. Sending lots of healthy vibes to you.

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