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Relvar ellipta

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Hi everyone.iv just been put on relvar ellipta.the higher dose one 3weeks ago. Wheezyvwhen i have it .comes an goes during the day. Its made things worse i think. I.v ad to also take brycanl an steriod tabs as well i dont think its right for me but been told to keep on with it. My asthma as developed to fixed obstrctive over the years. Iv never smoked. Used to be on brycanl. Qvar. Symbicort an intal

2 Replies

Inhaler suitability varies, what suits one person does not suit another. If you feel worse then go back to your GP and say so. There are many different ones available but there is no way of knowing before hand which best suits you, it is a case of trial and error I'm afraid.


I agree with 2greys, one size doesn't fit all.

Personally, I have had excellent symptom control with Relvar Ellipta 92/22. I have mixed form moderate obstructive asthma and like you I am a non smoker.

My persistant cough stopped after approximateky 3-4 months. I tend only to wheeze when I have infection and that's the only time I need to add my salbutamol. I take one dose at the same time every morning and since October 2014 when I commenced on Relvar Ellipta, I have never looked back.

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