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PS to recent post of... sore throat/ voice with bronchiectasis

Ps am so! sorry to mention something else re my recent post re sore throat/ voice with bronchiectasis!! Should've done it initially as you've all been so kind in replying!

Other thing I didn't mention, as it bothers me less but is still a problem and maybe suggests something is...... I sometimes have phases of a feeling of something being stuck just below throat / higher breast bone as if I've not swallowed properly and food is stuck there or I want to belch. Im on a phase of this have had it for 2/3 weeks, but it's been a long time since have had it. Previously it's just naturally eventually gone away.

This could be unrelated to the sore throat and voice problems, don't know. Have had and it's still not really gone away a bad spell of IBS , normal bowel function but churning and unsettled guts. Or could be reflux related?

Again sorry didn't mention this in main post as thought it's just one of those things. But after all your informative replies, maybe someone has experienced this and knows what it is?

Thank you if you have time to reply 😊

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Hi Winter2013,

Like you I get spells of having the feeling if having something stuck in my throat and it gets mighty painful until it clears. Sometimes I get a real heaviness in my upper chest and then fingers of pain running up my throat some of the reaching my ears. I normally use an liquid antacid to help dispel the feeling. Gory bit coming ........if I am sick though it looks like lumps of food bound up with mucus so I now if I remember I eat small bites and let them go down before the next bite. I do take medication for reflux but it does not seem to solve this particular problem. Also have IBS and again I get the lumpy chest thingy whether the IBS is having a bad day or not and the just to wrap up my reply, like you I am a Broncy and my voice does go croaky and harsh and have had this prob. on and off for years always thought it was down to the medication.

Not sure if any of the above is of any help but sometimes knowing there is somebody else out there with the feeling that there are several hamsters partying in your upper chest and throat at least makes you feel not quite so alone, my hubby thinks I am exaggerating but it can be quite alarming.

Take care



Oh Sue thank you so much for your kind reply! Yes it helps so!! much to know I'm not the only one with these problems.

My husband thinks I talk about them too much! I guess if it's something I know I can't do anything about and just have to accept ( e.g. feeling ill with infection and various other health problems I have which are more " back and white".. no more can be done,just put up with it) then I try to cope and accept.

I know that though that one of the keys to feeling well with bronchiectasis is managing it well and I now know I'm doing as much as I can ... I think!.. with it.. although it's been a painful learning curve.

Have accepted the regular IBS problems but the throat, voice ( and going into ear as you say) are getting me down due to the discomfort with sore throat and frustration when voice gets croaking through talking. Like you am in reflux medication.

As am prone to this " food stuck " feeling and as IBS has been worse, was wondering if sore throat is related or voice.

Deep down I know it's probably impossible to know and I just have to accept, follow my instincts and use common sense with it all!

A dearest wish of mine is that it would be possible to have a medical system where you can have "in depth" consultations with these chronic problems that aren't straight forward or life threatening!! Wishful thinking as alot of them overlap into probably different areas of specialism, and GPs who are the inbetween medics haven't got the time or knowledge!!

Think we are well served generally with acute problems but not chronic!!

Again thank you so much for your kind reply which I can totally relate to and have told my husband there's another husband out there who finds it hard!!

Love and hug xxxx


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