C.O.P.D & Home Troponin cTnI Test

C.O.P.D & Home Troponin cTnI Test

Following my resent HEART scare.

I have a Home Troponin cTnI Rapid HEART Test that i administer myself for reassurance given my C.O.P.D & CHEST pain CHRONIC LUNG DIEASE.

Well i shown interested paramedics ambulance people my C.O.P.D Home Troponin cTnI Test.

And they could not believe such things existed outside hospital environment.

The ambulance paramedics that come to my house was that impressed GIVEN my scare that thay took picture and said they would push ambulance bosses to surply such C.O.P.D Home Troponin cTnI Test for use in ambulances and by paramedics that attend homes of suffers.

I really do hope ambulances bosses will surply such test.

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Great idea.

Defo agree even paramedics thought they should be WAS shocked as they was in industry and never knew.

I remember a respiratory nurse being really shocked that I had my own spirometer as she did not know they were made for home use. Mind you, back then most people didn't even have their own oximeters. :)

Now doctors look at us like we are nurotic and symtom free.

Doctor was shocked had my own bp machine and oximeter.

Gosh i kept secret i have my own ecg + printer.

As that would be nurotic lol

That's sounds really good JAS and maybe you have brought about change. Let's hope so. Xxxxx

WOw and that really sounds good as quite a number of times i have been taken to a &e and each time had to wait at least six hours in a & e for a further blood test. Sometimes admitted to heart ward and sometimes discharged. What a difference if this test culd be done at home by paramedics. I have always said to my previous doctor that having to go every time to hospital for ecg was sometimes time wasting and was told that even if they had done ecg they couldnt do the blood test. What a great saving of resourses this would be. Well done for you research.

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