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Breathing Difficulties Concentrator O2

I have been experiencing difficulties walking more than a few steps when I am using my home O2 concentrator with a 50 ft hose. I have a new hose and no restrictions. Everything seems ok but the O2 coming through doesn't seem to be very powerful. I don't have this problem at the same liter flow when on bottled O2.

Any ideas? Thank you.

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I would contact you oxygen provider asap, to rectify the problem, could be as simple as the wrong type of hose or more serious fault with machine either way needs urgent attention.




I had this problem and found I had a hole in my tubing (must have been caught under a door or similar). I filled a bowl of water and put a part of the hose in the water, moving along it by bit. I found a hole as lots of bubbles appeared in the water!

Also, I have been told that a concentrator can only support 30feet of hose, but your oxygen supplier must know that 50feet is ok if they have supplied it,

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Thank you for your reply. God bless.


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