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Leicester Cough Questionnaire!

A letter arrived from the hospital telling me my score on the 'Leicester Cough Questionnaire'.

So as I don't have a clue about how the scoring system is rated they might as well sent it to me in a foreign language.

Made me laugh though so that's a bonus as I'm collecting letters from the hospital that don't make sense to me!

I especially like the ones where they tell you in the same letter that my TLCO has improved and then my TLCO has gone down.

Has anyone else any idea? It was scored out of 133.

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"Higher scores indicate better quality of life."

If you have a little spare reading time!

"The validity and precision of the leicester cough questionnaire in COPD patients with chronic cough"


re. TLCO



Thank you. Interesting research. Reliability and validity appears to be a difficulty but sadly no reference to the scale of 133 total. I found this reference particularly interesting:

'They reasoned that chronic cough is associated with more psychological problems in women than in men'.

How we perceive our cough is so individual. I think from now on I'm going to 'try to' ignore it and see if that helps.

It's all very fascinating I've now got so much new knowledge I wish I didn't need or want to know!

Thank you again for getting back to me. Really appreciated.


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