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Fighting the system

I am getting a little nearer getting assessed for ambulatory oxygen. It has only been five months since it was recommended ! And so far I have been doing all the chasing around. First I had to chivvy the respiratory physician 's secretary to send the letters, including the results of the consultation and then the reply to the query I had about the nurse's refusal to do the assessment. The GP contacted her Welsh boss in June, he wrote to her in Mid-July, but I have not heard anything, so I contacted the Welsh consultant's secretary, who checked and said I was due a review with the nurse and has forwarded my message, so I hope to hear something soon, but I am not holding my breath, so to speak! Meanwhile I saw a lovely GP a couple of weeks ago who said under no circumstances should I even think about leaving Bristol as it is absolutely the best possible place to treat my almost certainly unique problems. The NHS in England is very good, as is the NHS in Wales, but the communication between them is nil as they use different IT systems. Mostly it doesn't matter, but here the River Wye might just as well have an iron curtain running down the centre. It is not only the health services though, our district council behaves as though this bit of Gloucestershire doesn't exist, for example you can't access the dial a ride service, and reasonably enough you can't access Monmouthshire as we are not in Wales. However, when Monmouthshire talks about a bypass for Chepstow they forget that Gloucestershire will also be involved. What's the problem? The A48 is a trunk road in Wales but not in England. In Wales the Assembly is responsible, but in England it is Gloucestershire, who are not interested! They are both lovely countries with lovely people, but the bureaucracy is mad! A United Kingdom, I think not.

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What a saga. I hope you have it all written up. The title of mine is: "You couldn't make it up."

William of Ockham, where are you when we so desperately need you?

Love and hugs

Kate xxx


No comment!

Wouldn't know where to start!

It reads like a soap opera, and is making me very grateful for my local services.

C.c xx

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I don't use the word shocking very often but feel it is appropriate in your case!

Referred myself for oxygen assessment 2 weeks ago, after being seen by Respiratory team physiotherapist, which I can also self refer to!

I had my oxygen assessment yesterday, they would have seen me before that but I was away on holiday.

I live in Gloucestershire!

If you need to have an assessment then that is what you need. You should not have to wait all that time!

A friend of mine Chepstow had the same issues with getting PR, he got it in the end after many difficult months !

So what you to do? Have you tried your MP ?

Do pm me if I can help you further.


So far I am waiting to hear from respiratory nurse who was sent a message from consultant at Gwent yesterday. Fortunately I have a lovely family, especially my husband, who look after me but I have got to the stage I struggle to empty the dishwasher! MP is on my list next. Having just moved to this lovely part of the world I don't feel any sense of urgency in getting things done. It really gets me down, especially as I never know who to contact. Although I empathise with your friend I am glad that it is not just me! Thank you so much for your response, and I hope your friend is feeling reasonable at present, and you of course xx


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