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In which I rave about the pulmonary rehab (again!)

I finished my eight weeks today and am seriously lacking the words good to give enough credit to the nurses who worked with us throughout and listened to every single moan and worry and question...

I've personally gained so much from it and I really think anyone who gets a chance should give it a try - from acknowledging/accepting the oxygen tank as a tool, to learning to not get so anxious about slight breathlessness, to discovering muscles I never thought I had :)

Still was a bit anxious when we got round to doing the reassessment but then walked for almost 200m more than I did the first time round...

I know quite a few of you thought PR was great - I'd really be interested to hear what the experiences of those of you who are also on oxygen were? Could you tell any improvements (with or without the formal metrics)? Thank you!

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PR really is a "must do"! It opened the door to exercising, it gave confidence to go out, wherever and whenever I liked. Anyone who turns down the opportunity to attend a course are doing themselves a great disservice. Education about your disease empowers you to take back control of your own lives.


All of what 2greys says, plus confidence. You start to look at alternative ways of achieving what you fancy. Whereas before you might have said to yourself that something was beyond your capabilities, because of your breathing problems, after PR you'll start to consider how some things can be done in spite of breathing problems. It might take a little longer to get there, but you'll start off with an attitude which is positive and get there in the end. One success leads to others.

Good luck,




Now, if you have a delve you may find a post PR class in your area. I go to one in Gloucester with another BLF member & it's brilliant. At least 6 people are on O2. We're all allowed to go at our own pace. Nice enthusiastic PR trained trainer.


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