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Have recently been diagnosed with COPD,I have no problem doing daily activities or living a normal life

The problems I have now is a cough ,mostly in the morning with excessive phlegm. .mostly white and foamy .During the day I have bouts of coughing but not to much.

I am confused about this as I really don't know what to expect next..I can walk without being short of breath

My test at the lung Dr showed that breathing in was ok ...it was the breathingout that was not good only about half of my lung could do that because of the phlegm and I would start coughing..

If anyone out there has this problem please let me know if there is anything I can do to get rid of this coughing


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There are various ways of removing sputum. Have you tried the huff cough technique? Also you could ask your GP for a mucus thinning medication which my help your situation.


Hi Pcbflgal, I had the same problem when first diagnosed, my Dr at chest clinic put me on Carbocistine tablets initially 8 per day for 2 months then down to 3 per day and wow what a difference, no cough and no sputum,next time you see your GP ask about it and see what he says.it has made a big difference to me.

Good luck



Hi Pcbflgal I too have a cough which I have had for one and a half years I have been taking Carbocistine tablets for a long time but only two per day, do you think increasing them will help, I haven't smoked for twenty years but diagnosed with copd in 2011 breathing quite good just this cough that drives me nuts, I don't have any problem getting mucus up hope you can help. Pauline


Do you have swolen ankkes? If so go back to Doc.


firstly do you smoke as far as the coughings concerned you,ll be doing a lot of that but if you've got a lot of phlegm that's a worry because you state its on your lungs go to the drs it sounds like pluarsy liquid in the lungs they need to be drained x


I have read that everyone 'bring up mucus' on a regular basis. It's your lungs way of getting rid of pollen and other irritances that we breath in everyday.

What the difference between other people and people with lung issues is that it is a lot harder to bring up the mucus that the irritances create, hence the coughing. Also, our lungs create a lot more mucus.

At my worst, the reason why I cough up more in the morning is that I am lying down for 8 plus hours and the mucus is collecting in my lungs. I get up in the morning and start moving around and that loosens the mucus to cough up (mild cardio exercise or doing things around the house does the same thing).

Try to clear your lungs as much as possible in the evening before going to bed.

It's normal to cough more in the morning. Since your mucus is white, at least, that shows that there is no infection.

Take care, Beth


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