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I was diagnosed with bronciactasus 2011. I am 55. Work full time and struggling. Im off work a lot which chest infections and I know that my employer is getting a bit annoyed. I don't look ill. I have been advised by my g and consultant in London to move to a hot climate for winter. I have organised this and having to spend savings to do this. I was going to hand my notice in but I was told that I could get a sick note for this period as i am going on medical advice.

This would mean I could claim ssp. Can anyone tell me my rights and is this possible?

Also I have a critical insurance that covers lung disease. If it's classed as a terminal disease then I think I can claim. Terminal or not? It's never goin to go and I'm struggling to work. Help pls.

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I don't know what type of work you do .My condition is copd and I my contract at work was terminated due to ill health in April this year. I was off sick for more than 28 weeks . I was paid sick pay by my employer and when my contract was terminated I agreed to it as I could no longer work in the environment .I then went straight on to esa contributions benefit and have been on it ever since. It worked for me as my employers and myself had exhausted all other options to keep me employed . So in effect your employers should be striving to help you you have a medical condition that makes you sick from time to time and you need support for it . Speak to unison or ring the blf helpline they can advise you but do not hand in your notice as your giving into them. Ask your employer to refer you to their occy health and if you experience any repercussion from your employer regards this . Get support from anyone you can ...but in the end it's your choice . If you leave you won't get benefits automatically and if you have £16.000 or over in savings you may not be entitled to benefits either. I hope you get it resolved but do get support xxxx


You might be entitled to medical retirement so look into this. Also if you are in the UK you can ring BLF here on 03000 030 555. They have nurses and benefits advisors there who can help.


Hello and thank you for replying. What is medical retirement? Can i request this or does my employer have to offer it? How much would I recieve and for how long?


Hi I don't know the ins and outs of it so your best bet is to ring the benefits advisor at BLF.

Or you could look on the benefits site Govt.UK. Good luck.


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