Hi, anyone had trouble with the DWP waiting for them to get back about the PIP decision, waited 3 weeks,then phoned them only to be told they sent a letter turning me down it now one week on and still no letter, its like they know they made a mistake

and making it hard to go to tribunal, just wrote another letter to ask whats happening !

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Cory.....if they have turned you down and you have a tribunal to go to..... then go, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain, the chairman of the tribunal is an independent.

Good luck.


no, First you Have to request a mandatory reconsideration

and Then if you are not satisfied you can appeal

Done that but they won't send me a letter to say they have turned me down ,they told me on the phone but can't get them to put it in writing ! its like time wasting to stop me going to appeal. They made so many mistakes on my case one doctor from DWP put me at 10% disabled , the other one put at 55% , I was on 15% before it all started , its a joke !

if you can prove that they have made mistakes then it is worth it

as 66% of all appeals are won

Cory, don't let them muck you about, do you have aCAB or law center in your town, if so get them to help. If not sometimes the local council has a benefits help section. If they have made a legal error in administration you will need help to take an appeal. persue it quickly or you will loose your right of appeal, you can produce the refusal later if they send it. Good luck.

how long do i have to apply for a appeal, !

The time limit is one month from the decisionCory43, but they are supposed to inform you of the refusal decision in writing so you understand the reason for refusal and you do need to have had a reconsideration of the decision by the decision maker before you can be considered for appeal. It is not simple so help is often best.

Just got the letter today turning me down on the reconsideration, the letter was dated 4th of July and came to me today 13th july, talk about making it difficult to go to appeal ! .

OK Cory, request to go to appeal anyway, if you are advised you have no grounds you can withdraw at a later date. This will give you time to seek advice , sometimes the appeal tribunal finds in favour of the original decision, you need to gather as much documentation as possible to prove the decision was wrong or fresh evidence not available at time of claim. I have dealt with refusals and appeals in the past and it is not easy, my own claim took several attempts especially on the mobility part, and I gather that PIP is much harder than DLA to get. An old work colleague was totally housebound with carers coming in to feed and dress her but was still refused till going to appeal with my help then she got it with full backdating. Good Luck and go ahead as you have nothing to loose but a fair bit to gain if you win.

Many thanks Katie x

Your Welcome.

I would get onto your MP as the DWP are defo messing you about. Even time and time again they say they are fair but they play by their rules? It has been proven they have targets to fail people.

I had simialar problems with my ESA claim. I ended up seeing my MP and I went to tribunal and won in less than 10 mins with them stating it should never of got to this in the first place!

I am still waiting for my PIP results?


Be Well

I agree with idwilliam your next step.is a mandatory reconcideration.but they should put your refusal in writing .try your local.cad office all the best .dave

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