I started taking one a day Antihistemine two days ago just for insect bites as I can be allergic to them. I don't know if it's a coincidence but my cough and mucus production has got quite a bit better. I'll keep you all posted if it stays like that. Fingers crossed.

But having said that, after a few days of having a rash on my face and a lot of pain I went to the Drs this morning and he diagnosed me with Shingles


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Antihistemines I am not allowed to take but I cannot for the life of me remember why :)

Hope the shingles goes away soon it can be a nasty little blighter. Chicken Pox virus I think?

Be well

Perhaps you're taking Betahistine OC? Can't take the two together. P

i take one antihistamin every night . you may have an allergy that you not even aware of and its benefiting you..specially with the cough... i dont think it can rejuice muchus though. but by coughing less it rejuiced how much you bring up.

i dont know what condition you have but with most people its good to clear your lungs, throut, as its less chance of getting infection.

interested in what others say.

I thought about taking antihistamines because of the antinflametry element but my chemist would not let me have it ,said it would make chest worse same with ibuprofen ?

No harm in a dabble I'd say.

i have had diffrent messages. from my e n t specialist said that i should not take them for longer then 5 days becouse i have copd.

my copd specialist prescribed one month worth. and my GP said that it should be part of my matence kit.🤔personally i would not take them if i did not suffer from allergy.

there are other antinflamory medicine.. i use ginger a lot, and there is cinnamon and honey ... and passion flower tea to help you sleep. its not to everyones taste . i tried taremac but not for me.

look up some of these things on Youtube it might be worth a try.

Hi Bluetooth, yes I use ginger& Manuka honey The bags

I use lemon and ginger tea bags, and add a teaspoon of honey to the mug.

try the fresh ginger root and fresh lemon and honey.

i leave the finely cut ginger in the cup and eat it ...nice!

Thanks it sounds great I'll have to look into whether the Ginger is OK as I take Warfarin unfortunately and it may upset my levels. Might just be the ticket though.

Thanks to you and everyone else for the replies.

Fresh (?) apricots have started to arrive in the shops now, they are packed with anti- inflammatory agents and anti-oxidants and of course would be one of your 5 a day portions. Not to everybody's taste but I love them, so do my parrots.

Hi 2greys

The afore mentioned apricots are now in my fruit bowl. Down the hatch.😀

In fact you have started me on something now, they're delicious.

Hi, I have Emphysema and Chronic Heart faiure. It's hard to say yet but it may be promising.

Time will tell.


i keep my fingers crossed for you.

Thank you that's so kind of you. My best wishes to you and every one else too.

Apparently they are good for anxiety and sleep disoteders as well.

Mucus can be produced as a sort of protection for the lungs in response to a number of inflammatory causes. That your cough and mucus production as gone down could mean that your lungs are reacting to something in the environment which triggers a reaction. It is something you need to discuss with your GP.

Oh my, shingles! I've never had them, but my brother has had them several times over the years and I know how painful they are! I hope you feel better soon!

Thank you, COPD etc gets you down enough without getting something like shingles. Never mind eh.

antihistamines are famous for their drying effect on nasal fluid production,hence lots of people who have allergies to pollen etc take them.However with our various lung diseases it is obviously prudent to take medical will probably be ok with a very low dose tablet and if poss try to get the ones that do not invoke drowsiness,but med advice from gp or pharmacy first. good luck

My Pharmacist always says i have to ask doc who only give me Antibiotics/Steroids I have not taking any for over 6mths no worse off. Antihis is only a cheap 1 from £1 store so not a high dose. Only take when Pollen Count is high think the Eucalyptus Oil helps the best ta for reply.

christabella.Please do not buy anything from your local pound shop.consult with your gp get advice and if not on prescription they are still very cheap in refutable supermarket pharmacists,xx

Only take 1 when Pollen Count is high & I get a good make have had no side effects but ta for reply. they are just an emergency measure as i am trying to move more outside as i need a major op suspectd Ovarian Cancer live on my own so need to get out as waiting for op date etc driving me nuts.

Shingles can be very painful hope it clears up soon i have been taking an Antihistimine last few days & found it helps a lot so going to keep taking them while weather is hot/humid & Pollen Count is high

Thank you.

I am wondering - does Antihistemine treatment go down to the root cause of the , say, itch problem, or does it merely helps do away with the itch symptoms. Stop the treatment and the itch is back. Am I right in wondering so?

Yes you're probably right.

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