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Travel insurance

So had my broncoscopy this week to see how much of my lung needs to be removed and the surgeon thinks that he can leave the top lobe and just remove the middle and bottom lobe which is some good news, I'm due to go on a family holiday to Greece in 9 weeks so I'm against the clock to whether or not I'll make that as I'm yet to get a date for the operation can anyone recommend any good insurance companies I cud try just to get an idea of what kind of cost I'm looking at? x

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Naughtnat, my recommendation is to focus on the surgery and recovery for now. Hopefully, you can take your Holiday in Sep/Oct. Good news is that your remaining lobe can , and most likely will , get slightly larger and stronger post surgery. I survived a top right lobe lobectomy 5 years ago ( Stage 3A/3B cancer, borderline operable ) keep your positive attitude! All the best, judg69


If you put 'holiday insurance' into the search box (top right) you will find more information.


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