never think it can't happen ro you

I was recently found to have only 59% blood oxygen level. a nurse hd stopped by my apt. unexpectedky and sart4d chatting with me. she asked me how i was doing and i said just fine. then she asked if she could take a few tests and i said as long as the6 wouldn't take too long because i was about to take a nap. when she putmy finger into that little box she immediatly called an ambulance and rushed me inot the hospital. i didn't know what was going on. But my dr at the hospital explained it to me. he said that my levels weren't just low but "critical".it was so strange to me because i felt as normal as the next person. they kept me in the hospital for nine days. rhey fubally let me go when my levels got up to 89%. because they could notnseem to increase them from there. anyways i just thought i would share.

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  • Thank goodness the nurse was with you eightball, what a shock! Hope things are improved now. Take care and thanks for sharing, xxxxx

  • What a good job the nurse checked your oxygen. I am pleased to hear it has improved. Welcome to the forum. :)

  • How very fortunate she appeared out of the blue like that, just when needed! You must have a guardian angel.

  • That is exactly what happened to my wife. We were in the hospital waiting area waiting for her to be seen for some unrelated matter when a nurse did that standard check. Within minutes she was admitted to a ward and was in there for two weeks.

  • Funny you say that I went to my GP and actually nodded off in the waiting room so when Doc did call me again before she went home I explained I felt really rough and she put my finger in and it read 50 she said I needed A&E so got in my car and drove up the road to hospital ... needless to say the doc was furious that my GP had sent me in my car and not called an ambulance ......glad they got yours up enough to go home, I spent 2 weeks with a nasty kidney infection amongst other things .... x

  • Hello eightball .

    That was a very close call. My word, how worrying. I am guessing this decline in blood oxygen was a slow one so that you barely noticed it. I am so glad they caught it. I guess you will now get checked out often?

    Are you on oxygen?

    Wishing you well. Take care.

    Cas xx 🍀

  • Are you on oxygen now then? How did they get your reading to go up and stay up?

  • I know the feeling I am under a brilliant Consultant she says my normal isn't the normal for everyone else I was admitted last year because my Sats dropped to 63% but I felt okay, my normal Sats at rest now are normally 80-85%.

  • Hi PompeyBob With your oxygen dropping that low do you wear supplemental oxygen?

  • I'm on 4ltrs 20+ hours a day, have just spent 3 weeks in hospital after a severe excerbation.

  • I can relate how scary that is! We knew my husband had Emphysema, but he said he was fine, just needed to stop and "catch his breath" when out doing things. In 2015 we went to our doctor for yearly appt and his oxygen was really low like yours. The doctor got really concerned and ordered my husband oxygen 24/7. My husband was shocked to say the least. He's been diagnosed since 2000, and has just gotten used to how he breathes and had no idea he was so bad off. I'm so glad that your nurse was reactive and got you the help that you needed!

  • Good morning eightball.. Whew that's a low reading.. Thank God you had a nurse come by. As another poster stated your oxygen must have dropped slowly since you felt no different.. I wear oxygen 24/7 and HATE it, however, I have to have it.. Why don't you get yourself a Oximeter( the thing nurse put on your finger) that way you can keep a check on your oxygen at any time.. They're really rather cheap.. If you can't get one I have a couple extra that I'd be more than happy to send you one of them for free.. Best of luck to you!!

  • I have an oximeter and my sats regularly drop to 57 to 70s regularly during the day and night. I cannot even empty the washing machine or take the shopping into the house as anything like that causes mine to drop. My doc will not address this, but a male nurse phoned me to say he thought I should be in hospital. I also work part time.I am not on or ever been offered oxygen and the doctors never offer me an appointment or even a call back when promised. they also refused a sputum sample saying it had not been authorised by a doctor.

    FEV level 33 constant high pulse 125+ always

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