Plem or gunk as i call it

For the last few weeks been coffing up thick white chunks of gunk so had to take wife on monday to the doc and my son so i seen her the same time so i told her what was going on and as i started to coffre so she ask if she can have a look and she told me yes it is an infection but she give me small green tables to take but so far no good but i thought infactions on the chest are green or brown not white ball like

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Hi David12, you are right about infection making your sputum coloured, however if your sputum is white ball like then maybe the tablets are to thin your sputum so you can clear your chest with less cough force. In my experience thicker sputum is often a sign of begining infection. So take care, keep taking your pills and I hope your cough will soon be better.

All ready take tables to thin it out been takeing them since i was in hospital 2 years ago

Did not realise that David12.

Yes had it now for a few years but never had green antiebyotcks before not even for my legs and feet do not know name of them as wife puts all my tablets into boxes for each day carban istom for the plem which should thin it out but not this one but worst in the night so after 7 night time no doors open or windows open as then get worst spec nows this as well

Hope things improve for you soon David. Take care xxxxx

Hope you improved soon Nan

I had a white but very sticky gunk and have been given tablets to loosen the gunk some weeks back as they said it could be a virus. I now have green brown and my left lung is badly infected. Keep an eye on it but most of the time white is not a major issue.

I know it is not nice but get rid of it as soon as you cough it up.

Be Well

Hi David12 I have bronchiectasis and cough up sputum everyday. It ranges from clear to thick yellowish. I've noticed if I don't drink enough it gets thicker. I also cough up more after eating. My respiratory nurse has requested my GP prescribe a medication to thin my sputum. I know if it turns green or I get a pain in my side that's an infection brewing. If in doubt contact your GP or respiratory nurse. Good luck

I am under respitory nure and spec for copd and see them all the time

Sorry I didn't realise that. I do hope you get some relief soon.

All i wish that the night air was the same as the day like most people who have copd as chest not to bad then but one can wish :) :)

is there a leaflet in with the tablets, perhaps it will say on there what they are mostly used for, if you name them maybe someone on here has the same thing xx

i hope what ever they are they are working for you now xx

Norp did not work but some times antibiyoticks still working 3 to 5 days after you finish them so still two days left

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