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Hi, how much Can FEV1 improve?? Mine is 34%

Hi. My name is Maira and I live in Argentina (sorry for my english 😉. So, I also have COPD. I'm 34. I have never smoked before. I had an accident in 2015, a carbon monoxide poisoning , then I inhaled fire smoke. So, I did a spirometry last tuesday. My FEV1 is 34% , my FVC/FEV1 is 52%. In may of 2016, fev1 was 22% and fvc/fev1 was 56%. No change after inhaler. So, I'm scared about my future. My FEV1 has improved a little bit, but I don't know, until when.

My difussion test (dlco) is now 45% (last year was 22%) so, I have lost my alveolar function surface. It serious. I've to use oxygen too, but not 24/7

I have bronchiectasis too. Cough and phlegm every moment. My Heart rate 120

My doubt is, do I have any chance to improve my FEV1? I mean, as a normal person? Because I can't work and I'm always in home. I obtained my retirement...

And one more question, I'm going to buy a treadmill, but I don't know wich is better: with or without motor?

Thank you all.

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Congratulations on improving your FEV1, I have improved mine from 37% back up to 50%, a similar result, which I put it down to extreme exercise. But there has been no increase in the amount of lung tissue, it is just that I have trained my lungs to work more efficiently. Short of a cure for the disease there is no way of getting back to a normal state. But with keeping up the exercising you should be able to stabalise that improvement.

The treadmill, to be honest just ordinary walking is just as good unless you have a lot of bad weather. In the bad weather I use a rowing machine for 30 mins after a 10 min warm up on exercise bike. A good treadmill costs a lot money for something you can do for free.

The important list of must do:

No smoking, this includes second hand tobacco smoke, camp fires, barbecues etc...

A healthy balanced diet and maintaining a good healthy BMI.

Avoid people who have coughs and colds, you do not want any chest infections to make your condition worse.

Taking you medications as prescribed and on time.

Then there is the secret weapon "exercise" the more you do, the more you CAN do.


I agree

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Thanks for your advices. I'll do more exercise and keep my mind positive. This is a nice place to talk about this disease. Have a nice day!

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hi Maria. welcome. i am sorry to read you that it was an accident that has cost you your health.

frist i will say yes your fev1 can be improved by exercise...but you have to to this at a rate that your comfortable with. if your hart rate is 120 without exercise i would be seeking the advice of your doctors before you start trying out treadmills.

assuming that you will be ok on exercise then a treadmill would be a good way to help you with walking.

i have only ever been on the motorised treadmill that you can set a speed you want.. but it might be worth your while to look for somewhere you can try before you buy.

please stay in contact with the forum as i feel you can gain a lot of information that can help you.


Thank you so much for your answer. I will keep in contact with the forum. It's hard for everyone, right? I'll try yo do some exercise. Thanks a lot!!


Hi Mairap and welcome. I'm sorry to hear of your accident and resulting COPD. Well done on your improvement. xx

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Thank you so much for your support!!

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A warm welcome to you Maira x


Thank you Dedalus😊


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