Letting off steam literally

Hi I'm just about at the end of my tether my sweats are getting worse if that is possible I am soaked through bedding wringing can't sleep under the duvet then I get a freezing momment worn out with turning fan of on of on thinking about getting dyson fan but very expensive this along with pain still not sorted lack of appettite and waking up not being able to breathe has really took me to the lowest depths I am even thinking may not be able to go to hospice and PR. Because even getting dressed is a effort so some days don't bother thanks for listening

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Hi Ttd sorry to hear this. I am not sure if this has been mentioned before but it crossed my mind that you might be going through the change. Is that possible? I hope you feel better soon.

Long past that 65now it's really wearing me down

Oh sorry just a thought. I wonder if one of your meds is causing it. Have you looked at the side effects of them?

You can still get hot flushes for life you know even after going through the change. I know I do but not anywhere as extreme as you. . It's something to do with your temperature clock being out of control.

I hope you find some answers.

I started getting the sweats before I was on tablets and have had inhalers for years it would have been a answer

I am exactly the same it just is horrible and it just bring you down - No not menopause been there, had it and I didnt like it - I am 72 xxx

It is awful isn't it can't even sleep under the duvet then you start with the cold shivers it is one thing after another as if the breathing and oxygen not enough to put up with xx

So sorry Time to drink that you are suffering so much.

I was wondering if you had had a blood test to see if your thyroid was ok ......I had problems some years ago when my levels went haywire.....sweats, anxiety, losing weight were some of the symptoms.

I hope you managed to get some sleep .

Hi just come downstairs I got up at 7 to use the bathroom and my sats were 64. Heart rate 159 Coming down now roughly he same so worried

Hello T2d, it certainly seems as if you need more tests to get to the bottom of all this. Knitter makes a good point about possible thyroid problems so that could be a way forward.

Hoping today is a better day. Xxxx

Hi sassy I agree something needs doing desperately like I said to knitter my sats been really bad today xxxx

Hope this offers a glimmer of hope: November 2011 I stopped smoking - December an exacerbation (but I hadn't been diagnosed so didn't realise), January began the night sweats ... new pillow every week (not the case but actual pillow because of the vile smelling sweaty liquid), February diagnosed COPD, April the sweats stopped - as quick as they started and for no obvious reason ... and have not returned since!

Hope yours end as quickly and never return.

Best wishes

I stopped smoking in January I wish they would stop take care

I'm so sorry that you are still getting this problem it must be miserable. Has anyone been able to give you a clue as to why it is happening? Or any treatment if it comes to that. Thyroid certainly seems a possibility. Thinking of you xx

Thanks carnival. Still sweating and my sats are awful 7 this morning went to toilet. 64 kart rate 159 when I got up still around that mark ive been sat here. For some time and my sats still only 82 and heart rare 136 xxxx

I know how you feel. Luckily I have got through this, but who knows if it will come back in the future. I agree that I would love a Dyson fan, ( and other appliances ) but they are so expensive. I hope that you can find some relief. My heart goes out to you.

what is a dyson fan???????? ty

It's a Type of fan made by a company called Dyson. They also make vacuum cleaners and hair dryers. It's the technology that makes them so expensive. The fans don't have blades and look like an oval o. They cool more of the air that a blade type one.

You were doing so well, getting to PR and the hospice. Hope you will be able to continue, despite the effort of getting ready. It's like climbing Everest some days, I'm sure but think what the view from the top will be like and the achievement of getting there! I'd love to hear you've managed to keep going to the groups - better than getting depressed at home. Can't help with the sweats - I suffer too, but not as much as you do. Sometimes I'm soaked when I wake up but, like you, I can be really cold the next minute, then hot again. Bah! These bodies of ours are badly designed, aren't they?

xx Moy

I am not sure if I will be able to go to the hospice tomorrow and PR Wednesday I hoped to get dressed today but was unable to going to bathroom At 7 o'clock my sats where 64 heart rate 159. Then when I came down a couple of hours later about the same as I am writing this my sats are still only 81 and heart rate 139. I, so worried xxxx

T2D--you need to be hospitalized--Im just not sure what for MmeT

Hi last Sunday I had a problem with sats and heart rate told the matron she wasn't concerned why do these things happen bank holidays and weekends hope your excercising going ok

the nurses coming in are killing my fibro--plus I cleaned bathroom --took hours im so slow--talk about a ball of pain=in bed 2 days.I don't know how im going to get any strength back with this fibro---MmeT

I know exactly what you mean with the fibro, mines been flaring up since last September Mmet, it's worsening my breathing on exertion. xx

if my sats were what yours were --my dr would have me in the hospital for days--once I was 120 bpm and I was in there 5 days--what is the problem there/ Never heard of such a thing MmeT

I don't think my doctors bothered. I have put my oxygen up for a bit sats still low lm sorry about your fibro xx

Oh dear - not so good! Is it time to phone someone for medical advice?

Just to say I got a Dyson air purifier fan last year, yes it is a lot of money, but it has made it more pleasant for me to sleep these warm nights. It's been a godsend. It's not going to get rid of your night sweats, that needs looking into. But it might make you feel a little more comfortable. Take care x x

Thank you Shirley anything that will make me more comfortable it can be Christmas and birthday present. Hopefully xxxx

So sad to read your latest post, T2d. You were doing so well not so long ago. I sympathise with the night sweats, very unpleasant, although I'm nowhere near as bad as you. One of my blood pressure tablets cause sweats, but my gp is unwilling to change it because it works. The suggestion that your body temperature is out of control sounds like something to investigate. Hope things improve and you manage to get to the hospice.

Hi Helen will have to see what tomorrow brings at the momment I am having trouble with my sats and heart rate they have been of the scale was hoping to get dressed today Unfortunatley have not been able to I am fed up of mentioning the sweats to matron and doctor

I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Thinking of you.

I think you need to ask for help from the doctor but just a small suggestion while you are waiting is to get a small hand held (need not be expensive) fan with 3 blades (important that it is 3) to be held so the air flows across the mouth (so sideways at an angle - not straight on) this should have two medically proven results - one to cool your face and two to help you breath, plus it is possible that the fresh air on your face may help to cool you down by fooling you mentally that your body is being cooled too, and it has been found to help breathing as somehow (and I do not think they quite know why) but it does seem to calm down breathing. May help for the moment before you get some real help. Worth a try hope all gets better soon xx

Thank you undine I have 3 one downstairs one upstairs and a spare x

I cannot tolerate air conditioning and. Spanish climate and asthma caused big problems then I bought a dyson fan it was my night in shining armour and still is. It cost me about 300euros but ten years on it's still perfect except for one side of white casing is yellow from where it stood in the sun. It's much quieter than a normal fan it's safer with no blades and if it wore out I would sell my soul for another one. I just looked on eBay there is anew one for 140 pounds and a preowned for 102 pounds there are many more at various prices. No I do not work for dyson or have any other connection I just can't speak highly enough for their products I have the vacuum and the stick vacuum too. I used to have the large vacuum but it got too heavy for me to use so went for the small one now that's only used by John as one length of the room and I can't breathe the stick is great for hard floors and dusting skirting boards and anything else low down as I can't bend as it cuts off my air and I end up coughing for England. Cat hairs don't stand a chance. Rosabeth

Hi rosaBeth I'm very seriously considering getting the fan may look on eBay but maybe better to buy from shop I see currys are doing one for 299. I also have dyson vacuum and I have the hand held rechargeable. Which we used in the caravan don't use either now Frank does it but have had no problems with either by the sounds of what you are saying the fan is going to be a godsend the stick vacs sounds good to we have tiles in the passage and kitchen and wooden floor in the living room xxx

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