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Just found out

I just found out that I have COPD I have no cough or any infection , I had appointment with the person who check on your breathing by blow into a tube which was found by day I only have 88% oxygen going into my lungs ,so he gave me a machine too take home . I was to use this machine at night , after week we went back to the hospital and he took a card out and place it in the computer, what we did find was a shock to me and my husband, it shows that I stopped breathing between 7 to 14 times in 1 hour , while I am a sleep , so now I have the machine for 1 month . We have to take the machine back on the 6th of June . As I said before I have no cough no mucus or no infection. Can anyone help me to find what is going on , I did smoke for 33 years and I stopped smoking 9 years ago ,

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Hi they are testing you for sleep apnoea. This is quite common with copd but you can have it without it too.


Hi Suzanna and welcome to the forum.

It's scary when your first diagnosed. Docter's don't really explain things properly and it makes us anxious.

You don't understand the numbers so it makes the anxiety worse.

Wait until you see your Docter or Respiratory nurse and find out what stage your at. If it's the gas exchange you say is only 88, I am the same exactly and I am fine.

Post your results on here and other, more knowledgeable members, can tell you what they mean. Mild COPD can have little or no effects on your quality of life for decades and even at severer stages, it is not a death sentence. You just have to follow a few rules such as, keeping active, avoiding smoke, fires, people with colds and such like.

Keep in touch, this forum will learn you more about Copd, than any GP can. xx


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