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Finally saw my consultant tonight to get the results of all the tests he has sent me for and apparently I don't have bronchiectasis or emphysema all my problems are a result of the scarring caused by the radiotherapy I had 14 years ago.. it is still progressive but apparently quite slowly which is good. He's referring me to a scar specialist, a physio to teach me to clear the mucus and says he will put me on a long term antibiotic for the winter. Meanwhile I'm still taking the mucodyne and swimming which seems to be helping. Still got to manage the symptoms as before but he says the rest of my lungs apart from the scar tissue is healthy so that is really good x

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Excellent news, very pleased for you.

Great news Knicho. Really very pleased for you.

love cx

Good news indeed and you seem to know how to take good care of yourself. Xxxx

Great news. :)

That's great news. At least you finally know what you're dealing with. Do you mind me asking was the radiotherapy to do with your lungs? X

It was for non Hodgkin's lymphoma that was in the chest/windpipe I had chemotherapy and then radiotherapy.. I've always known I had some scar tissue but didn't realise it might cause me these problems later in life.. however I'm still very lucky to be here!! Xx

Oh you have been through it!! You really deserve some good health now so fingers crossed 🤞 xx

Thank you X

Thank you so much everyone for your kind wishes things aren't perfect in the lung dept but they are better than I thought! Xx

Very good news pleased for you

Great news :)

Hi knico, thats brilliant news , i bet you are happy to say the least, good luck with the physio.

Loraine x

Great to hear some good news. Glad you are getting some quality care. Joyce

That really good news Knico


Good news, still take care of yourself lovely and enjoy each and every day 😀

That's very good news, so pleased for you

We all like good news stories! Good luck.

That's brilliant newsx

What good news! Lilian xxxx

Excellent news, so pleased for you.

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